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4 Design Changes for a Healthier Home That Also Looks Better

June 4, 2020

Because taking care of your health matters more than ever.

Love it or hate it, we’re all spending more time in our homes than ever – and that’s probably not going to change soon, even with the gradual lifting of COVID-19 safety measures across the island. So, why not make your humble dwelling an even better space to live in?

Chai Chee Road by Archive Design

Interior Firm: Archive Design

And by that, we don’t just mean giving it an upgrade in the looks department but creating a more wholesome environment as well. Here are 4 design tweaks you can make to your home (or renovation plans) to achieve living spaces that are both healthier and pleasing to the eye.

1. Embrace an open-concept layout

Open-concept homes might not be for everyone due to them having less privacy and poorer noise control than enclosed spaces, but one major advantage that they have is better ventilation.

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 by Anhans Interior Design

Interior Firm: Anhans Interior Design

Without walls or barriers to impede the flow of air, you can be certain that there will almost always be a fresh breeze blowing through your home – which is scientifically proven to help reduce the concentration of harmful viruses and bacteria in your surroundings.

More tips for creating open-concept spaces:

• Open-concept layouts work best with harmonised colours, furniture and decor, so try to create a sense of consistency and/or cohesiveness between these different design elements.

• As much as open-concept spaces are all about breaking down the barriers between different communal areas, it’s still useful to demarcate each zone for proper space-planning. You can use area rugs and/or different flooring materials to accomplish this.

• Don’t be afraid to include a large furniture piece (or two) – like a sectional sofa or a six-seater dining table – in your open-concept spaces, as they’ll help maximise available square footage while serving as impressive style statements.

2. Have your workspaces close to the windows

Comfort is king, even when you’re at work at home, and there’s hardly anything more pleasant than a safe, cosy spot that’ll allow to you focus 100% on every task at hand, worry-free.

Carabelle by Authors • Interior & Styling

Positioning your work-from-home setup as close as possible to the nearest window will allow you to achieve just that: Aside from good ventilation, you’ll also get to enjoy peace of mind while plugging away, thanks to the knowledge that constant sunlight will eliminate more than 90% of harmful bacteria in a well-lit room.

More tips for creating healthy, comfortable workspaces:

• Natural or otherwise, proper lighting is the difference between a productive workspace and a terrible one, so ensure that there’s sufficient illumination before you start typing away.

• Depending on your preference, paint your work area in either an invigorating or calming hue (e.g. sunny yellow, deep blue) so that you’ll always be in the mood to get things done.

• For a distraction-free time working at home, consider sound-proofing your workspace/room with door seals or noise-absorbing curtains.

3. Use anti-bacterial materials and coatings

It goes without saying, but walls, floors and other high-contact surfaces can get contaminated with harmful microbes easily – and that’s why having anti-bacterial materials/coatings will make your home a much safer space.

The Interlace by Livspace

Interior Firm: Livspace

What’s more, some of these options are readily available in Singapore, including microbe-killing paint (e.g. Gush), quartz surfaces (for countertops) as well as brass knobs (which contain copper that has proven anti-bacterial properties), so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t use them!

More reasons to use anti-bacterial materials and coatings:

• Anti-bacterial materials/coatings also tend to be non-toxic (read: no volatile organic compounds or pollutants) and anti-allergen, which is another plus for healthier homes.

• It’s unlikely that you’ll end up sacrificing looks for safety by choosing bacteria-free materials/coatings because there’s no lack of style options available. For instance, Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces come in hundreds of colours and patterns, with more added every year.

4. Adopt a minimalist look

Tranquil vibes and peaceful surroundings might be the main appeals of minimalist homes, but because they have less clutter, yet another plus is that it’s going to take less time and effort to keep them well-maintained.

Chai Chee Road by Archive Design

Interior Firm: Archive Design

For instance, simple, but no less elegant design features – like large-format wall and floor tile finishes – have fewer grouts and gaps that collect dirt. The same applies for furniture with toned-down elements, such as clean lines and simple geometric forms, as opposed to intricate detailing.

More tips for creating minimalist spaces:

• Cleanliness and tidiness go hand-in-hand. Be sure to have sufficient storage solutions in your minimalist home – but not too many because accumulating non-essential items is just going to lead to more clutter, even if they’re out of sight.

• Mental health matters as much as physical health, so incorporate relaxing features, such as soft colours and spacious areas, for a minimalist home that’s all-around wholesome!

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