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8 Household Essentials Approved by Germaphobes!

Integrating these 8 household essentials into your #StayHome routine might benefit you too.

As Singapore gears up for the month-long circuit breaker amid the COVID-19 crisis, the notion of “staying home” will soon become the new normal.

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With residents spending more time indoors, this also means it’s more important than ever to ensure that your surroundings stay clean, safe and germ-free at all times. Here are 8 must-have household essentials that even germaphobes will say yes to!

1. Ruhens WCE-200 Water Electrolyser ($280)

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Source: Ruhens

If you’re not keen on investing in a water purifier for your home, the Ruhens WCE-200 Water Electrolyser is an alternative that offers more than just purification benefits. Convenient and fuss-free to use, this trusty home steriliser allows you to make electrolytic water that removes up to 99% of germs and bacteria. You can use electrolytic water to clean virtually anything from furniture to appliances, and you can even use it to sanitise your hands (how handy!), remove odours from the refrigerator, shoe cabinets and more.

2. Dyson Pure Cool Me ($499)

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Source: Dyson

Guess what: indoor air pollution is a thing. In fact, it’s said that your home can be up to seven times more polluted than the air outside, which could pose serious health hazards for those who are prone to dust allergies and other respiratory illnesses. What’s more, the lack of air circulation combined with our humid weather makes it a hotbed for viruses to thrive. To better improve the air quality at home, consider getting the Dyson Pure Cool Me. Designed as an air purifier and compact fan, this nifty machine is equipped with sealed filters that help to get rid of potentially harmful particles in the air, all while keeping your home nice and cool with a steady purified airflow.

3. Novita AirCare Pro Air/Surface Sterilizer ($699, U.P. $899)

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Source: Novita

Or if you’re in the market for an air purification system that does double duty, consider getting the Novita AirCare Pro Air/Surface Sterilizer. Powered by QuadSystem technology, the NAS6000i traps even the most stubborn of airborne germs, allergens, chemicals, as well as surface-bound contaminants to minimise any potential risk of infections. Not at home? Fret not, there’s an away mode that puts it to work in unoccupied areas – just set a timer and let it do the rest while you’re at work.

4. gush cair interior paint ($89 for 5L, $289 for 20L)

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Source: gush

Thinking of giving your home a fresh paint job? While colours look great in your home, what’s even better is a cleaner and healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. A safe option is the gush cair interior paint, which is specially formulated to combat air pollution, regulate humidity and prevent mould, all in one coat. This non-toxic paint also comes with anti-bacterial properties that neutralise up to 99.9% of bacteria cells, keeping viruses at bay and minimising the chances of it spreading.

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5. Rootsense Fridge Deodoriser ($59)

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Source: Persol

There’s nothing more unappetising as that weird, unidentifiable smell coming from your refrigerator (especially if you are one of those who have been stock-piling groceries). Chances are, the most likely culprit that’s stinking up your fringe is probably groceries that had gone bad, especially now that we're eating in more frequently. Eliminate bad smells in a jiffy with the Rootsense Fridge Deodoriser, which utilises patented technology to control odours in the fridge/freezer for months – that’s six times longer than your average baking soda. This fully biodegradable deodoriser also effectively removes moisture and prevents mildew and mold growth, allowing you to keep your produce at its freshest.

6. Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine ($1,399)

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Source: Samsung

We hate to break it to you, but your laundry may not be as clean as you think. Keep your garments sanitised with the Samsung QuickDrive, which comes with a hygiene steam cycle function that soaks up engrained dirt and bacteria in one quick, powerful wash. Worried about germs staying in the machine? It boasts an eco drum clean+ cycle that alerts you when your washer needs cleaning and keeps it free from odour-causing bacteria – without the use of harsh chemicals. All that, combined with its high-speed performance and unparalleled durability, makes this an all-around winner.

7. Panasonic System 1 Air Conditioner ($999, U.P. $1,099)

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Source: Best Denki

An air conditioner that “cleans” the air? Look no further than Panasonic’s range of air conditioners, which uses a revolutionary Nanoe technology that releases active ions to draw in dust particles as small as PM2.5 (these miniscule particles are so small—they can easily seep into our lungs and cause health problems!) and collect them in an air filter. Feeling a little too chilly? The Nanoe mode works even when the cooling function is off, so you can continue letting it work its purifying magic without the constant blast of cold air. How cool is that?

8. BamcoFlor Bamboo Charcoal Flooring (from $6 per sqft)

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Source: BamcoFlor

Create an environment where your kids can learn and play at ease by choosing a child-safe solution such as BamcoFlor – a brand that specialises in sustainable flooring made from 100% recyclable bamboo charcoal. What’s great about BamcoFlor is that it’s non-toxic and chemical resistant, which makes it suitable for children who are more sensitive to airborne allergens. Same goes for the elderly and pets too!

Disclaimer: Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

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