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4 Upcoming Singapore Home Renovation Trends in 2015

The Scandinavian home decor theme is a popular theme among homeowners in Singapore, particularly in the residences of younger couples. But is the Scandinavian theme here to stay? We did a quick poll with Third Avenue Studio, The Design Practice and Quirky Idees on the popular and emerging renovation themes in Singapore.

Unanimous among the three interior designers, the industrial and Scandinavian theme has been a crowd favourite as seen in both commercial and residential homes.

While the raw industrial look may not work well for some, creative Singaporeans fused the two popular looks together (aka Scandustrial) to add warmth and cosiness to their living spaces.

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The Scandinavian look in Singapore tilts towards woody interior instead of white-washed walls as seen in the Scandinavia regions. As a result, the interior looks largely muted in tones.

This look sets to change with all three interior designers agreeing that brighter colours and a shift in the less popular decor themes could be the next emerging trend.

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1. Geometric and patterned tiles

From tiles to walls, there's a growing popularity of using patterned tiles in homes, and the look is no longer confined to the living room. A great way to style your room with panache.

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Featuring patterned tiles from Rice

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Interior Designer: The Design Practice

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Interior Designer: Quirky Idees

2. Retro

Going retro does not mean you have to go overboard with bright colors and vivacious patterns. For a more unique take, introduce vintage-looking cabinetry, patterned rugs or select retro pieces.

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Interior Designer: three-d conceptwerke

3. Country / Victorian

A quiet elegant look without the heavy upholstery.

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Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

4. Minimalist with Japanese and Scandinavian influences

Minimalism has been catching up given that today's living spaces are smaller. An woody interior with a minimalist slant is one of the easier ways to ooze warmth and cosiness in a house. Simple and functional without sacrificing on style.

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Interior Designer: The Design Practice

Evergreen Trend

As quoted by The Design Practice: It's hard to pin down an evergreen trend. Instead, pick between good and bad design. A good design is one with coordinated colours and organic functions that evolves with the occupants different needs over time – from newly wed couples to a family with kids. Your home design should fit these requirements, whether or not you are after the quirky eclectic or the minimalist modern look.

What is your favourite home décor theme? Let us know below!

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