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5 Ergonomic Products You Can Upgrade Your Home Office With

May 15, 2020 · Paid Partnership with ErgoEdge

Forget run-of-the-mill work desks and office chairs, because these workstation essentials are the real productivity boosters you need.

There’s no denying that working from home has its perks: an ‘anything goes’ dress-code, distraction-free spaces of your own, and best of all, the freedom to customise your workstation as you please. So, why not take the chance to level up your home office with these 5 useful upgrades from ErgoEdge? They’ll help you work better – and here’s why.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office


1. ErgoTune ergonomic chair

Yes, sitting can be bad for you, but only if you’re doing it all day OR if you’re doing it wrong. A bad chair that isn’t adjusted properly or doesn’t have proper support for your shoulders, legs, back and neck can lead to strains and pains – and that’s not something you’ll want even if you aren’t sitting for hours on end.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

The ErgoTune Classic (left) and ErgoTune Supreme (right)

The ErgoTune ergonomic chair, which is ErgoEdge’s answer to bad seating habits and postures, is fully adjustable to suit different body types and needs because poor-fitting chairs are a number one reason for aches and pains. And it’s why every feature of the ErgoEdge can be calibrated precisely to your physical form – from seat depth, armrest height to tilt angle.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

However, what really makes the ErgoTune really special is its Auto Tuning Lumbar Support (ATLS) system, which ensures the chair’s lumbar support (the curved cushion that supports your lower spine) matches the natural curve of your spine. So, yes, you can get superb back support simply by sitting on the ErgoTune.

Meanwhile, a built-in recline control system allows the ErgoTune to be positioned in three different modes – Focus, Relax and Layback – so that it’s always correctly adjusted for the situation at hand, whether you’re hard at work or sinking your back into the chair’s comfortable German-made mesh membrane for a quick break.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

Taking things one step further by incorporating even finer controls to better fit your body is the premium version of the ErgoTune – the ErgoTune Supreme – which comes with additional features including a tiltable headrest, adjustable backrest as well as a 4-dimensional arm supports that can be moved upwards, downwards and to the sides.

Get the ErgoTune chair

Check out ErgoEdge’s Circuit Breaker Sale now, and get $40 off the ErgoTune Supreme!

2. AmpDesk standing desk

Update (1 Nov 2021): The AmpDesk has now rebranded to EverDesk+! Check out the brand new standing desk with improved features here.

Did you know that the average office worker spends approximately 7 hours a day in front of a desk? Well, with more companies having work from home arrangements, chances are that we’re all going to be spending more time sitting down – and it’s not a good thing because physical inactivity is known to be a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, obesity and a whole slew of other health issues.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

Getting a standing desk can help you ameliorate the health risks of inactivity as it encourages its users to adopt an active sit-stand routine. And with the AmpDesk, getting into the swing of things is even easier: a built-in controller allows the AmpDesk to be adjusted to a suitable position of your choice at a press of a button, while an (optional) memory keypad with presets lets you toggle between sitting and standing heights.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

The memory keypad lets users define their own desired AmpDesk presets,
which can be precisely calibrated, down to the millimetre.

It’s also worth mentioning that various components that make up the AmpDesk – such as its surface, controller, and accessories – can be customised to individual preferences. For instance, you can choose between a sturdy laminate table top and an eco-friendly bamboo one, which is also dry-erase friendly so you can scribble notes on it.

Get the AmpDesk

Curious about the AmpDesk? Check out our detailed review!

3. Elevate sit-stand desk riser converter

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

Like the idea of a standing desk, but don’t have space for one? Consider getting the Elevate sit-stand desk riser then!

The Elevate is capable of ‘converting’ any regular surface (say your kitchen counter) into a standing desk, thanks to a built-in gas spring lifting mechanism that allows it to switch from ‘sit’ to ‘stand’ mode at the press of a finger. Plus, it can be moved around your home depending on where you’re planning to get your work done. That said, if stability and space are what you need most, a full standing desk might serve you better.

Get the Elevate desk riser

Workstation Accessories

Other than the basics of an ergonomic seat and standing desk, there are also other home office accessories that you can get to limit discomfort and maximise productivity:

4. Freedom monitor arms

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

As compared to regular built-in mounts, monitor arms are handy add-ons (pun intended) as they allow you to more freely adjust the height, position and angle of your screen(s) to reduce neck pain and/or eye strain.

Moreover, the Freedom arms are a lot quicker and convenient to manoeuvre, especially if you’re using them in conjunction with a standing desk. Pro tip: Suspending your monitors will allow you to save precious desk space too!

Get Freedom monitor arms

5. Cable management solutions (spines and trays)

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

Cable clutter is the bane of every tidy workstation but you can easily straighten out this problem by housing them within a single, flexible cable spine. The best part about these ones from ErgoEdge? They are designed to be compatible with the AmpDesk and keep things neat, regardless of whether your ergonomic desk is at sitting or standing height.

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

How a cable spine can help you deal with cable clutter.

Serving a similar purpose are cable trays, which are essentially ‘baskets’ that you can attach to the underside of your desk (standing or otherwise). Put these add-ons to good use by stowing away odds and ends (read: wires and power bricks), instead of leaving them trailing across the floor as tripping hazards that could ruin your day at work. Or should we say home?

ergonomic furniture ergoedge home office

Get Cable Management Spines and Trays

Empower your workspaces with ErgoEdge!

Understanding the adverse impact of poorly designed workspaces on the well-being of office and stay-at-home workers alike, ErgoEdge is guided by a simple mission: making top-quality, customisable ergonomic products accessible to consumers – which you can take a closer look at either on their online store or their showroom at Gemini Building!

Also, for the period of this Circuit Breaker, ErgoEdge is having a sale with up to $140 off its products. So, to both save and work better at home, check out the promo codes banner on their website!

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