5 Must-Know Facts About Renovating In Singapore 4

5 Must-Know Facts About Renovating In Singapore

April 13, 2017

We may be well aware (and resigned) to Singapore’s ridiculously steep property prices, but when it comes to sprucing up your interiors, how much does it really take to renovate in our Little Red Dot?

Sometimes, what all we need is a guideline to cut through the confusion and give us a good headstart. After all, it’s less stress when you’ve got the right expectations! Skip the guesswork - from budgets, timelines to interior styles, these 5 facts are everything you need to know about renovating in Singapore.

Fact #1: An Average Renovation Costs Around $50,000

Don’t be lured in by low prices; For a quality renovation that covers every aspect (including plumbing, flooring and carpentry), this is the ballpark figure you should be looking at.

Interior Designer: Living Gaia
Renovation Cost: $50,000

How does it all add up? The devil is in the details - things like your electrical wiring can cost upwards of a thousand. Likewise, basic, must-do works like flooring and painting could both easily add up to a five-digit figure too - and that's not considering any hidden costs or hiccups along the way. Not too outrageous a sum, now?

(Psst: For a more detailed breakdown of costs, check out our renovation works costing guide here.)

Fact #2: Resales Cost Almost Twice As Much To Renovate

Buying a resale flat? It's not just about bigger sizes, but having bigger budgets too. Be prepared to fork out more cash - almost twice as more, as compared to new BTOs or developments.

Interior Designer: Forefront Interior

In all fairness, new homes usually come with brand new fittings, like flooring, kitchen and bath accessories which will lower prices. However, resale properties often require a ton of maintenance work, such as re-wiring, demolishing old structures and rebuilding new built-ins. More time and effort definitely equates to higher costs.

Fact #3: A Renovation Takes 6 - 8 Weeks To Complete

Home makeover shows on TV do have it easy; one to two weeks, and voilà, your dream home is complete! However, the reality is that renovations take longer than that - in fact, most projects will take about 6 - 8 weeks. Rushing to move in? The fastest projects would take at least 4 weeks.

Interior Designer: Space Atelier
Renovation Duration: 8 Weeks

As they say, good things come to those who wait. Do not rush things at the expense of workmanship! Delays are common, so it is important to have a timeline to keep track of your progress (here's a guide to help you get started). Once again, note that resales usually take longer to renovate than new ones (an average of 8 weeks). So, do arrange an alternate place to crash in case things are not completed on schedule!

Fact #4: Singaporeans Love Anything Clean, Woody (and Sleek)

Have trouble figuring out what interior style to go for? If words like ‘clean’, ‘white’, ‘wood’ or ‘hotel’ come to mind when describing your dream home, you are in luck. Most local homes today are all about these top 3 themes - Minimalist, Scandinavian and Modern.

Interior Designer: Meter Square

Why do they remain so popular with Singaporeans? It is a mix of personal preferences and other external factors. The bright, airy aesthetic of minimalist homes can help to play up Singapore's shrinking house sizes. Likewise, cosy and versatile Scandinavian or Modern styles may be highly sought after for their timeless, mass appeal.

Interior Designer: 82

Interior Designer: IdeasXchange

(Psst: Still not sure which interior style best describes your tastes or personality? Take this quiz to find out!)

Fact #5: Certain Styles Are More Expensive Than Others

Not all styles are made equal. Depending on what you are going for, the difference in cost between various decor types range up to $10,000! In particular, Eclectic ($64,000) and Minimalist ($55,000) homes are costlier, and for good reason - more unique (albeit pricey) materials are used in eclectic homes, whilst extensive built-in carpentry and detailed spatial planning is needed to pull off a minimalist look.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design

If you are more cost-focused than design-centric, go for more affordable decor styles, like Scandinavian ($46,000). Nordic themed interiors usually feature less built-in carpentry and simpler aesthetics that make it easier (and cheaper) to execute.

Interior Designer: Make Room

Note: All data shown are obtained from Qanvast projects and users, as of 31st December 2016.

Go forth and start planning!

Now that you've got all the tools (and knowledge) to figure out your renovation, it's time to find the right interior designer to bring those plans to reality. And Qanvast can help - simply drop a quote request here, and we will match you up with 5 interior firms based on your budget and style.

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