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Check It Off: Checklists to Find Your Preferred Home Style

September 17, 2020

Check off your favourite features and compare all of them to find out which you truly vibe with!

Many interior design styles actually share similar features. Take minimalist and Scandinavian homes for instance! Both feature simple, clean neutral palettes that make it hard to discern between the two. That said, the process of getting to know home styles can be confusing with so many overlaps.

The Medley by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

But, we’re about to make the process a whole lot easier (and fun) for you! We broke down all the common features, and put them into an easy-to-use format. Check off the ones you like and compare the results to find which style suits you most.

1. Scandinavian design

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 by Anhans Interior Design

Interior Firm: Anhans Interior Design

The Scandinavian style is a great fit for those who prefer to keep things simple but functional. Embracing the “less is more” approach, décor is kept to a minimum.

Though the colour palette is quite clinical (i.e. neutral), it never comes off as cold. And that’s because warm wood tones and sepia hues are often included into the mix! It’s muted, just the right amount of colour to make the abode feel more welcoming, but not overwhelming at the same time.

Carpets, throw pillows, day curtains and live plants are common features too. It’s all layered to play up the cosy, lived-in atmosphere.

Check off your favourite traits!

interior design hdb home singapore

2. Contemporary design

Sengkang West Road by Couple Abode

Interior Firm: Couple Abode

The words ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ might be synonymous. However, when it comes to style, each has their distinct identity, with the latter being more fluid in comparison.

Going by definition, contemporary means ‘belonging to or occurring in the present’. That means, ANY design element that’s considered to be popular and of the moment can be contemporary. And right now, it’s all about sleek forms, practical built-ins, metallic accents and minimalism.

These features are then taken and paired with other fashionable ones in the past. As a result, you’ll end up with a great home that’s equally stylish and functional.

Check off your favourite traits!

interior design hdb home singapore

3. Modern design

Tampines North Drive 1 by Jialux Interior

Interior Firm: Jialux Interior

In contrast to contemporary abodes, modern design was meant to be the antithesis of the ornate Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian styles. So, unlike contemporary design, it doesn’t evolve with the times.

Of course, the modern home does have a few hallmarks. It usually features clean, vertical lines. Chrome finishes are a common find as well. All these attributes make for a really sleek home that’s cool and chic, the very opposite of the elaborate, lived-in styles in the past.

Check off your favourite traits!

interior design hdb home singapore

4. Minimalist design

Punggol Walk by Swiss Interior Design

Interior Firm: Swiss Interior Design

The minimalist home eliminates everything that is unnecessary. Décor in these homes aren’t the key highlight. In true minimalist fashion, for every addition you make in a space, something else should be taken out, until you’re left with only the essentials.

As a matter of fact, more emphasis is placed on functionality. Think pockets of storage concealed behind walls, cabinetry and furniture – anything to get more out of your space without cluttering it.

Because of this, it’s much easier to clean, more efficient, and practical. So, if you have the discipline to keep the home organised, this might be the style for you!

Check off your favourite traits!

interior design hdb home singapore

5. Industrial design

Queen Street by Ascend Design

Interior Firm: Ascend Design

When it comes to utility, industrial-styled spaces has every other design beat. It doesn’t dress up the unfinished elements, but rather emphasises them. The exposed pipes, brick detailing plus cement screed coming together to create a bold statement.

You’ll even be able to fit in an upcycled/recycled piece in there with minimal issues; the masculine look of distressed leather or time-worn wood a great complement to the raw and edgy feel of the place! Talk about an incredibly environmentally-friendly design.

Check off your favourite traits!

interior design hdb home singapore

6. Eclectic design

Cantonment Close by Third Paragraph

Interior Firm: Third Paragraph

If you’re game to try something less conventional, an eclectic home might be right up your alley! Combining a mishmash of styles, influences and inspirations, it offers a rich and layered look that you can personalise to reflect your own tastes.

A keen eye is needed here. You’ll need to be able to edit well since you’re dealing with a plethora of contrasting textures and colours. Start by picking out a core palette. Build around it for a more cohesive look. If done right, you’ll come to find that an eclectic home offers a more lived-in, but no less visually arresting, appearance.

interior design hdb home singapore

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