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5 Practical, Clutter-Free Ways to Store Your Bicycle at Home

Beyond a mode of transportation, bicycles can be a form of home décor too!

If there’s one leisure activity that has gained traction among Singaporeans over the last two years, it’s cycling. But with most of us living in space-starved apartments, storing your bicycle at home without it getting in the way - or ruining the aesthetic - can be a tough nut to crack.

To help you out, here are 5 functional bicycle storage ideas that can, in fact, add to your interior:

1. On a bicycle pole rack

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If cycling is a newfound hobby and you don’t intend to change up your interior just to accommodate it, consider installing a bicycle pole rack. This zero-reno solution allows you to store two bicycles for the floor space of one, and certainly makes for an eye-catching statement. Take notes from this resale flat in Punggol Way, which features a section of the wall painted in a contrasting colour to provide a backdrop for its bicycle display.

2. Using wall-mounted brackets

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While a bicycle pole rack stands out, wall-mounted brackets become inconspicuous once you place your two wheelers on them. This lets your bicycles take centerstage as decorative accents, but in a way that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your interior. For this reason, wall-mounted brackets work with virtually any interior style.

3. On your feature wall

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Displaying your bicycles on your feature wall likewise involves the use of wall-mounted brackets. But because feature walls require a certain degree of planning and design work, it is recommended that you discuss this with your interior designer beforehand.

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Far from cookie-cutter, this feature wall comes in the form of bicycles on a pegboard-style 'installation', complete with a frosted glass sliding door. This lends more flexibility as the owners are able to open it up for display when desired, and close it to prevent dust from collecting at other times.

4. Within a partition

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While it isn’t a foolproof way to increase privacy, storing your bicycle within a partition will disrupt any onlooker’s line of sight – all while retaining an airy, open feel to your space. Talk about an out-of-the-box design hack!

5. Within your built-in carpentry

Built-in carpentry is a go-to when it comes to neat storage solutions, and the storing of bicycles is no exception.

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If you’d like to display your bicycles as décor items, go with an open floor-to-ceiling cabinet that lets you show off up to two bicycles – one above the other. The downside, however, is that taking down the top bicycle when needed can be quite a hassle.

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If you’re looking for a neat way to store multiple bicycles without a need to display them, simply stow them away in a large cabinet up to the chest level. Accessing them will prove to be a much easier task and, as above, having a cabinet door will also prevent dust from collecting.

Incorporate bicycle storage into your interior aesthetic

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