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5 (Seemingly) Unpopular Opinions on Local Home Design Trends

How many of these unpopular opinions do you actually agree with?

Opinions. Everyone has them, but some might be less popular than others, simply because they go against the norm. Like for instance, “Scandinavian design is awful” or “spacious homes are terrible”. But as it turns out, a couple of these unpopular opinions about home design trends in Singapore are actually fairly popular.

singapore interior design trends
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Just recently, we asked for your unpopular design trends on Instagram before putting them to a vote to see if Singapore homeowners actually agree with them – here’s the verdict on whether they’re actually unpopular:

1. “The white-and-wood look is so overdone.”

singapore interior design trends
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Verdict: An unpopular opinion.

It looks like we can expect to see more homes with white-and-wood interiors in the future. While there are indeed many examples of such dwellings to be found in Singapore, the popularity of this design style doesn’t seem to be waning at all.

Serangoon Avenue 1 by The Interior Lab
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View this project by The Interior Lab

One likely reason for this is the simplicity that’s at the heart of the white-and-wood look. Only two design elements are required to pull it off, and when put together, they create a minimalist backdrop that you can personalise as you please.

Boon Keng Road by Sozo Concept Studio
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View this project by Sozo Concept Studio

2. “People shouldn’t demolish their rooms to make more space at home.”

singapore interior design trends
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Verdict: An unpopular opinion.

It isn’t hard to see why this would be an unpopular opinion. Houses in Singapore, especially HDB flats and other high-rise homes, can be limited in space so it’s natural that local homeowners would want to make the most of the square footage that’s available to them.

Tah Ching Road by Carpenters 匠
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View this project by Carpenters 匠

Hacking down the walls around your home can mean having a larger communal space for gatherings or even a bigger open space for your pets to run freely in. The advantages are endless – unless it’s privacy that you want – in which case keeping your walls intact is the right choice.

Tampines Avenue 5 by The I-Plan Studio
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View this project by The I-Plan Studio

3. “Eclectic homes look great but aren’t timeless.”

singapore interior design trends
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Verdict: A popular opinion.

In contrast to white-and-wood abodes, homes with an eclectic look are a much rarer sight in Singapore.

However, we disagree about them “not stand(ing) the test of time” – eclectic homes that get the look right can give life to their interiors in extra-unique ways that’ll always look interesting, be it in the form of a neon-lit living room with Japanese elements or a kitchen that pairs industrial and retro design features.

So, if you’re planning to put an all-embracing spin on your HDB flat/condo, don’t let this unpopular opinion stop you.

Jurong West Street 64 by The Interior Lab
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View this project by The Interior Lab

Tampines Street 23 by Fifth Avenue Interior
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View this project by Fifth Avenue Interior

4. “Marble patterns are no longer fashionable.”

singapore interior design trends
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Verdict: An unpopular opinion.

It’s no wonder that “marble designs are outdated” is a highly unpopular opinion among Singaporean homeowners.

Marble is a highly popular stone for two reasons: first, its beauty, and second, its durability (given proper care). And as proof of its timelessness, marble is also one of the most frequently imitated materials – there’s a myriad of design products on the market, ranging from vinyl film stickers to lookalike porcelain tiles, which replicate its elegant appearance.

Serangoon North Avenue 1 by Escapade Studios
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View this project by Escapade Studios

Ghim Moh Link by Livinci Interior
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View this project by Livinci Interior

5. “Too many homes have arches in them.”

singapore interior design trends
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Verdict: A (somewhat) popular opinion.

For all of the elegance that they bring to homes, it seems that arches and their flowing curves have their fair share of detractors among local homeowners. However, it also looks like the margin between those who think that “arches are already way overdone” is an unpopular opinion and those who don’t is fairly slim – at least when compared to the other trends that we’ve highlighted.

Bukit Batok West by Urban Home Design 二本設計家
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View this project by Urban Home Design 二本設計家

If you’re a fan of arches, feel free to continue framing your doorways (or even storage fixtures) with this charming architectural detail – and if you aren’t, stick to strong, clean lines for a pure and simple look.

Woodlands Drive 16 by Mr Designer Studio
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View this project by Mr Designer Studio

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