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5 Simple Tips For A Wedding At Home

Getting married at home may seem simple without having to worry about the availability and rental fees of a conventional wedding venue. Don’t be fooled! You’ll need to be committed and very determined. Here are some essential steps to ensure a successful wedding celebration at home.

1. Let your neighbours know about the wedding

While informing them about your special occasion, you may or may not invite them over. But keep in mind that your guests might park at their driveways. So unless you have a designated parking lot for the guests, it’s good to talk about the issue with your neighbours in advance.

5 Simple Tips For A Wedding At Home
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Image Credit: Aimee Westcott

2. Rearrange your furniture

Space is one of the essential things not to be overlooked. Especially during the solemnisation, make sure that there are enough chairs (and space for them) for all your guests. If you plan to use an outdoor space as well, double check the weather forecast or rent a tent. You may need to rearrange your furniture so your guests can stay inside and mingle comfortably.

3. Decide on what to rent

To accommodate a large number of guests, rent tableware, tables, chairs, and other decorative things instead of buying them. You might even want to ask your event rental company about renting an electricity power generator just in case you need portable air conditioners, lights, coolers, and grills.

5 Simple Tips For A Wedding At Home
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Image Credit: Veronice Varos Photography

4. Match your interiors with the wedding theme

Consider hiring an event stylist, florist, or wedding decorator to make sure that the wedding theme fits well with your home’s colour palette and interior design. Make an appointment at your home and let them know the kind of celebration and feel you’re going for. If on a tight budget, enlist the help of your dearest friends to make DIY decorations.

5. Consider getting a home insurance

Unpredictable events may happen at any given time, so it’s always wise to get your home insured. Since you’re planning to host a wedding at home, it’s the perfect time to get an insurance policy. If you already have a homeowner's insurance policy, ask your agent about increasing your liability limit or adding a policy for extra protection.

This article was done in collaboration with Bridestory.

5 Simple Tips For A Wedding At Home
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Image Credit: Terralogical

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