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6 Reasons Why Monochrome Works Best For Your Home

January 4, 2018

As one of the famous pioneers of monochrome fashion, Coco Chanel, once said: “Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Sometimes, all you need to achieve the perfect interior are these two contrasting hues.

Not only is a monochrome look simple to pull off (colour-wise), it also offers a huge style payoff for minimal effort. If that’s not enough cause for you to adopt this classy pairing, here are 6 more reasons – accompanied by inspiring examples – that show why black-and-white dualism is the right mode for your abode.

1. It’s Versatile

monochrome decor
monochrome decor

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Considering how many options there are on the colour wheel, the mere thought of using just black, white and (fifty) shades of grey for your interior’s palette may seem inflexible. However, any true lover of neutrals will tell you otherwise. When paired with the right elements, a monochrome colour scheme lends itself well to a variety of décor styles – be it contemporary, mid-century or otherwise.

In this transitional-style apartment that combines contemporary and classic sensibilities, you’ll notice that the contrast between black and white works especially well for calling attention to surrounding features, which consist elegant wainscoted walls and fine-veined natural stone floors.

2. It’s Timeless

monochrome decor
monochrome decor

Interior Designer: Dan’s Workshop

Relating to the world of fashion, there’s a reason why business suits and powerful-looking interiors both share the same classic monochrome palette. When put together, white and black convey confidence, elegance and effortless chic, making them great options for homeowners who wish to imbue their homes (and wardrobes) with an effortlessly stylish flair.

3. It’s Practical

monochrome decor
monochrome decor
monochrome decor

Interior Designer: Zenith Arc

Although the monochrome look is great for portraying an atmosphere of refined elegance, it is equally suitable for homes that possess a more down-to-earth aesthetic. Metallic features painted in black convey raw masculinity, especially when paired with rustic woodgrain finishes.

White and grey are suitable colour choices for such homes as well, as they can be used as ambient elements to soften the edginess of industrial-style interiors.

4. It’s Refreshing

monochrome decor
monochrome decor
monochrome decor

Interior Designer: Corazon Interior

It’s no hidden secret that rooms with crisp white walls tend to appear bigger and brighter than those painted in darker colours. Throw in plenty of natural light and this difference becomes even more pronounced as pristine, reflective surfaces are capable of making an entire room look as though it is ensconced in a gentle, refreshing glow.

On the other hand, black serves as the perfect ‘safety valve’ that prevents mostly-white monochrome interiors from appearing too cold. This is often the case as dark accessories such as ebony-coloured furniture and fittings are frequently used to break up the monotony of washed-out spaces.

5. It’s Interesting

monochrome decor
monochrome decor

Interior Designer: Icon Interior

Outstanding interior design involves more than just efficient use of space and colour, it also requires a keen sense for two equally important elements: shape and form. And one visually interesting way to highlight the distinction between different geometrical silhouettes is through mixing things up the monochrome way.

Thanks to its strong contrast, black-and-white is a great pairing for highlighting opposite, but compatible design features. Take this home with a monochromatic kitchen for example where glossy pale rectangular subway tiles go hand-in-hand with matte black hex floor tiles to form a bold, statement-making space.

6. It’s Easy To Style

monochrome decor
monochrome decor

Interior Designer: Happe

It wouldn't be a stretch to describe monochrome homes as empty canvasses as they are near-perfect bases for almost everything décor-related. Whether it’s classy brass accents or pots of natural greenery, the pairing of black-and-white is simply advantageous to have because of how easy it is to update. So go for this flexible colour combination if a home that never goes out of vogue is what you really want!


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