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6 Types of Homeowners We’ve Seen – Which Are You?

April 3, 2018

All homeowners want the best for their homes, and that goes without saying, but while some really throw themselves into the renovation process, others are all too happy leaving all the decision-making to their ID.

Here we list six kinds of homeowners we’ve encountered, and give some sage advice that will help steer you towards a renovation journey that is (hopefully) painless and pleasant for you and your ID.

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: MMJ Design

Type 1: The Over-Excited Homeowner

Yup, we’re talking about the super kancheong (hurried, in Singaporean lingo) type, who get into a real but premature frenzy of looking for IDs and home inspiration the moment their BTO application is successful.

Our advice

It can take two to four years of waiting for your BTO to be completed – that’s a long time, and your lifestyle needs and design preferences may change along the way. On top of that, designs you once thought trendy may no longer be so.

Instead, wait until it’s about a year before your key collection to start putting together a mood board with interior ideas you like, so when the time comes, you can give your ID an idea of the look you’re going for. And according to feedback from IDs, the perfect time to start meeting them would be when key collection is about six months away, so it’s futile to go knocking on their doors too early.

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: Dyel Design

Type 2: The Indecisive Homeowner

With a plethora of interior styles and ideas to choose from, sometimes, it’s really a case of being spoilt for choice – everything just looks too appealing!

Our advice

It’s easy to be swayed or overwhelmed, but take a step back and decide what are “needs” and “wants”, so that you focus on your priorities (and your budget!). Another way to get back on track is to speak to your ID and ask for their opinion, which might prove useful since they are seasoned pros.

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: i3 Living

Type 3: The Passive Homeowner

The interior designer is supposed to take care of everything, including feeding you design ideas! After all, isn’t it supposed to be their job?

Our advice

It’s great that you trust your ID, but they’re definitely not mind readers. How can they help you achieve your dream home if you don’t communicate what you want? To make meetings with the ID fruitful, do your homework and let them know what your design and lifestyle requirements are.

If you have ideas saved on a mood board, show it to them! It helps them to do their job better when they know your preferences. You can also use the opportunity to assess their ability to deliver and improve on your ideas, so you can weed out inexperienced designers who might do a botched job.

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: Expand Livings

Type 4: The Demanding – And Then Disappointed – Homeowner

Some homeowners think interior designers should be provide mood boards at the very first meeting or respond to all their queries immediately, holding them to an extremely high standard of service. But when service expectations fall short, they get upset, and think that the IDs are not keen to work on their project.

Our advice

Tempering your expectations will help lead to a smoother relationship with your ID. When an ID seems unresponsive, they are likely tied up in a discussion with another client, or attending to an incident that happened on-site. Remember, they are handling more than one project at a time. Understand that they are doing their best to meet other homeowners’ and your expectations and that their dedication could serve useful when it comes to handling your home renovation.

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: TT Design Artisan

Type 5: The Peace-Loving Homeowner

What would you do if you were checking on the progress on your renovation, and spotted a design flaw in one of your rooms? Or maybe something didn’t quite turn out the way you expected?

Some homeowners would rather keep quiet about it, instead of flagging it up to the ID, lest they create a potential conflict, especially their renovation is ongoing and the workers and designer have access to your unit.

Our advice

Trust that your ID is on your side and wants the best for you (and your house), so if you find anything amiss, raise it up politely. Chances are, your ID won’t hold it against you – it’s your home, after all!

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: Starry Homestead

Type 6: The Fussy, Nitpicking Homeowner

We all know someone like that. This homeowner goes around the newly renovated home with vision akin to a magnifying glass, finding minor dents or scratches here and there, making the poor ID sweat buckets in their quest for perfection.

Our advice

With all the work that goes into renovating a home, we understand that it’s almost impossible to avoid a few bumps and knocks. Instead of kicking up a big fuss, note down the list of changes or rectifications you’ll like your ID to make, so they can assist you in an organised manner. That said, keep in mind that nothing is perfect – and learn to accept it!

Types of homeowners in Singapore

Interior designer: StyleMySpace

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