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7 Rooms We Secretly Want When We Were Kids

While the adult in us would normally go for your typical minimalist style, the kid inside would prefer some fun, imaginative and scores big when it comes to creativity! These seven rooms combine the best of both worlds with its bright, bold and colourful that is also sophisticated and designer-like. Sure wished we had these rooms when we were little! Check them out – they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Lounge with Totoro

1. Adding an element of cartoon in your home doesn’t mean it has to be comical and kiddie. The fun Totoro lounge bed is a nice kiddie touch but everything else in its simplicity still says adult. The huge hamster certainly resonates with both kids and adults.

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Interior Designer: 82
Location: Boathouse Residences

Astro Boy Style

2. Can’t get enough of Astro Boy? You can incorporate it in your home design just like this 1-bedder condo. The living room gets the space boy treatment with its fun wall piece and Astro Boy figurines.

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Interior Designer: Wolf Woof
Location: Parc Rosewood


3. Who doesn’t love a go at the swings when at the park. Bring it home with your very own suspended version in the living room as seen in this HDB. Go for an adult style like here – wood complements the rest of the finishing so that this unique piece doesn’t look out of place. Position it in front of the windows so that you get a view each time you have a go. A great way to chill out with a book and coffee during the weekend.

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Interior Designer: The Design Abode
Location: Compassvale Lane

Puzzle Box

4. This entire condo is like a fun puzzle box! Open up the room cabinets and you get a “secret” compartment inside. The sleek living room walls reveal a cool kitchen when you slide it open. A smart way to keep your space uncluttered and organised with an element of fun and surprise. Plus, a creative way to make your home an exciting puzzle playground.

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Interior Designer: The Association
Location: The Medge

Under The Sea Adventures

5. Another place where you can indulge your childhood fantasies? Why not give the bathroom a try – as seen here in this ocean-fantasy themed bathroom. It’s easy to do so in the bathroom. Just get yourself some decal stickers and let the artist in you get creative. Best part about using stickers is that you can change the look and style whenever you want.

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Interior Designer: Prozfile Design
Location: Parbury Avenue

Stairway Fun

6. The ideal place to relive your youth? Why not your kid’s room itself! Adding stairs that lead to a space for playtime is a cool way to indulge your child in fun and frolic – your little one can play pretend that it is a little kingdom upstairs where she’s the princess. Give it a kiddo vibe with bright colours like pink and cutesy decorative items on the ceiling.

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Interior designer: Lux Design
Location: St. Patrick Residences

Comic Fan

7. Big comic fan? Treat your home as a canvas for your favourite comic art like here in this HDB. A doodle as a feature wall itself is a great way to express your passion. Opting for an inked version gives it an adult treatment without looking over the top. This homeowner also went with bookcases throughout so that he can show off his impressive comic collection – like a cool exhibition.

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Interior Designer: AD.I. WRKS
Location: Telok Blangah Heights

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