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7 Sneaky Ways to Hide HDB Home Eyesores Like Wires and Pipes

April 30, 2021

Out of sight, out of mind, these renovation tricks will make your inner perfectionist happy.

They might be essential to your home’s functionality, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do it any favours in the aesthetic department.

If you’re a stickler for tidiness and clean lines, common home eyesores like water pipes, electrical wires, and wall sockets will probably frustrate the perfectionist in you to no end – especially with how they make your picture-perfect interiors look off-kilter.

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

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Thankfully, there are a number of ways (read: renovation ideas) to make these visual blights disappear into the background, and here are seven of them:

1. Hiding your bathroom’s plumbing behind box ups

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

View this project by Aart Boxx Interior

They’re big, cumbersome, and take up way too much space (physically and visually), but while you can’t get rid of them, hiding these thick PVC water pipes is absolutely possible. By boxing them up, you’ll be able to create a much sleeker-looking bathroom by hiding all the chunky bits.

A more pocket-friendly (but arguably less effective) method of camouflage would be to paint any exposed pipes in a colour that matches their surroundings. Take for instance, this monochrome bathroom with jet-black plumbing that perfectly complement the high-contrast aesthetic it has.

Potong Pasir by Insight.Out Studio

View this project by Insight.Out Studio

2. Building a false ceiling to conceal overhead trunking

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

Unless you’re keen on giving your home an industrial-style makeover, exposed electrical trunking can make for distracting elements in an otherwise sleek space. Though, there’s one effective solution, and that’s to mask them from sight within a false ceiling.

Besides, despite common conceptions, false ceilings serve more than just a decorative function. With one in your home, you’ll be able to create a more focused lighting plan by incorporating multiple downlights and/or cove lights that’ll enhance the ambient and accent lighting in your home spaces.

Bedok Reservoir Road by Todz’Terior

View this project by Todz’Terior

3. Concealing a power distribution box within a tall shoe cabinet

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

Often found above the doorway or close to the living area, the DB box is by far one of the least glamourous fixtures in any home. But if space permits, one way to deal with yours would be to surround it with a built-in structure – this can be an entryway shoe cabinet or a display corner, so long as it keeps this bulky box of electrical switches hidden!

Ghim Moh Link by Livinci Interior

View this project by Livinci Interior

4. Having a custom facade for your home’s household shelter

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

Don’t we all wish that one day we’ll be allowed to demolish our HDB flat’s household shelter and finally be able to put the space it occupies to good use? Well, that day isn’t coming soon (or ever), but you can still make good use of this eyesore.

One idea we recommend trying out is building a functional facade on the outside. On top of making your household shelter useful – be it as a shoe cabinet or a display area – having a false front will mean having one less ugly sight in your home.

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

View this project by U-Home Interior Design

5. Creating a storage area that hides your home’s rubbish chute

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

Unlike their newer BTO cousins, the majority of old-school HDB flats still have their rubbish chutes located indoors. While that might be a convenient feature, having one exposed in your kitchen doesn’t make for good hygiene (or a nice-smelling home for the matter), which is exactly why you’d want to hide it.

Jurong West Street 91 by Tab Gallery

View this project by Tab Gallery

There are two methods with which you can conceal an inhouse rubbish chute: the traditional way and the not-so-traditional way. The former would be to simply stow it away in an under-the-sink cabinet or within a separate countertop, whereas the latter simply involves building a partition half-wall that shields the chute from plain sight.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza by Albedo Design
Tanjong Pagar Plaza by Albedo Design

View this project by Albedo Design

6. Getting built-ins like cabinets to hide bathroom sink pipes

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

With box ups (or painted-over pipes), your bathroom might look presentable from the top. But don’t forget about the bottom, and by that we mean the drainage pipes underneath your sink.

There’s no shortage of fuss-free ways to hide this eyesore: you can either mask them with potted plants or simply place a laundry basket in front. However, building a counter or under-sink cabinet is still the most effective, and not to mention, the most practical trick in the books as it’ll also provide you with useful storage space.

Punggol Central by Butler Interior

View this project by Butler Interior

7. Replace exposed wall sockets with a concealed charging station

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

Power sockets as well as extension cables are a godsent, especially when you have to charge multiple devices at one go, but cable clutter? Not at all.

So, if you’re looking for a way to hide these exposed wires, try this renovation idea that’ll also keep any related accessories – and even your power sockets – out of sight. With a flip-down bedside storage nook like this one (along with other tidy features), you’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing that your home is free of eyesores!

ways to hide HDB flat eyesores wires pipes

View this project by Flo Design

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