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7 Ways To Achieve A Scandinavian Minimalist Home

September 1, 2017

A favourite haunt of families, couples and kids, IKEA is the place for getting some serious style inspiration - on a budget.

From the brand’s catalogue to its gorgeous room settings – there’s something about IKEA’s easygoing, Scandinavian aesthetic that appeals to all of us. But how do you actually pull it off? Here, we reveal 7 easy steps to help you achieve that iconic, ‘IKEA room setting’ look – without a stylist or designer.

1. Add a Pinch of Wood Accents

IKEA-inspired home

Interior designer: Meter Square Design

Scandinavian styles are big on timbered elements. Always have, always will be. Wood adds a natural element and work as a timeless neutral backdrop to highlight more colourful features. No surprise here that many of IKEA’s furniture offerings revolve around this material. Be it dark, lacquered woods or light-coloured grains, pick wooden furniture that feature minimal detailing and come in simple boxy shapes to nab that clean, unfussy look.

2. Go Bright and Airy with Sheer Curtains

IKEA-inspired home

Interior designer: The Local INN.terior

Airy, billowing curtains are a staple in many of IKEA’s catalogue setups and rooms. Why? Because they help to soften a room’s look, set up a cosy atmosphere and naturally brighten up a space by letting light filter through. Instant mood lifter hack!

3. Organise and Store

IKEA-inspired home

Interior designer: Meter Square Design

The key to getting that creative ‘IKEA’ aesthetic is to treat your things as a work of art on display. Pair your storage solutions with clever organisers or add-ons to bring order to your space. It could be wire baskets or hanging attachments; these accessories don’t just satisfy the OCDs in all of us, they also help maximise whatever available storage space you have.

4. Infuse Pops of Colour, Big or Small

Scandinavian-styled interiors may emphasise on neutrals, but colours are equally important as well! In fact, bright, striking hues often dominate IKEA’s catalogues and furniture pieces.

IKEA-inspired home

Interior designer: Jubilee Interior

What you can do to re-create a cheery, colourful look is to strike a balance. You can either go with a shade (or two) on bigger pieces like your sofa or walls, and mellow things out with surrounding neutrals. Or, keep your space predominantly neutral, adding small colourful pieces along the way.

5. Pile Up On Soft Furnishings

IKEA-inspired home

Interior designer: Design Collective

Before we had trends like ‘Hygge’ and ‘Lagom’ advocating cosy living, we had IKEA. Case in point? The dim warm lights they often use for their displays, divine bed spreads piled with countless cushions, blankets and mattress pads, and living rooms – complete with throws, sheepskin rugs and an ottoman cushion to beat.

IKEA-inspired home

Interior designer: Icon Interior Design

It’s all about creating a space that’s homely and comfortable. Work on adding a number of soft furnishings – like fabrics, rugs, cushions and throws – besides focusing on the usual ‘hard’ ones like your cabinets and shelves.

6. Have A Little Fun

Everything up to this point sounds a tad serious, so it’s time to loosen up! With the furniture brand constantly producing some of the most oddball (yet surprisingly practical) objects, fun and creativity has always been part of the ‘IKEA’ equation.

IKEA-inspired home

Play around with your space a little and push yourself slightly out of the comfort zone. It could be choosing a quirky piece of art or sculpture, incorporating some unique lamps or simply adding uncommon furniture pieces; they all bring a twist to your otherwise cookie-cutter look.

7. Most Of All… Make It Yours

Let you (and your family’s) personality shine through personal knick-knacks or mementos. Ultimately, this is your home. They don’t have to be huge – family photos set onto photo frames, souvenirs from your travels or your favourite paintings could be put up for a heart-warming atmosphere.

IKEA-inspired home
IKEA-inspired home

Get The Look

IKEA-inspired home

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This article is done in collaboration with UOB and IKEA.

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