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7 Ways To Make Your Home Conducive For Work

June 29, 2017

Having a proper workspace in your home can help to boost your productivity multifold. Whether you work a remote job from home, or simply need a space to get productive over the weekend, setting up your workstation right is an important first step.

Here are 7 ways to create a well-designed and conducive workspace for maximising productivity and creativity.

1. Find A Spot With Lots Of Natural Light

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop

Natural light can help to create a fresh working environment, whereas dark areas are gloomy, bringing your mood and energy levels down. Chances are, you'll start to feel sleepy and distracted in a dim space, hindering your ability to get any work done. Do up a space that brings a good amount of sunlight. Some well-needed vitamin D can be an instant energiser and mood booster, translating into greater productivity.

2. Install Enough Lighting

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

Likewise, bring the brightness into the night. Some of us may be self-confessed night owls, so having a well-lit workspace will definitely aid your productivity while you burn the midnight oil.

Opt for warm, yellow lights that are calming and more inviting, compared to harsh, white lights that may increase anxiety and reduce your attention span. It's also a good idea to invest in an adjustable light stand that doesn’t compromise on style.

3. Choose The Right Furniture

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Design and aesthetics are important when creating a clean and productive work space. Choose a desk with built-in drawers and compartments to keep your documents and knick-knacks out of sight. Opt for wall shelving to maximise your space and keep important books and folders within arm's reach. Finally, get an ergonomic chair to maintain a good posture for comfort and higher energy levels.

4. Choose a Warm and Neutral Colour Palette

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: The Scientist

Warm and neutral tones are naturally more inviting compared to harsh, white walls – consider opting for off-white hues. Also, keep the palette of your workspace simple, as jarring and bright colours may over-stimulate, and agitate rather than bring the right focus to get things done.

5. Go For A Minimalist Style

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: 82

The best way to keep your work area neat and organised? Going minimal. A cluttered workspace doesn’t just clog up your room, but your mind as well. With a clean, refined space devoid of unnecessary mess, users can then concentrate on the things they’d like to work on, instead of getting distracted by surrounding knick knacks.

6. Go For Modular Layouts

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent

You might have very different working habits at home and in the office, so when designing your workspace, opt for a modular layout instead. That way, you can adjust the layout according to your preferred working habits, or when you simply want to change things up! Besides, doing things from a different angle is always a good way to spark those creative juices flowing.

7. Get Privacy Screens

Conducive Study Work Space

Interior Designer: Space Atelier

If your workstation is in a shared room surrounded by others throughout the day, consider screens to block out distractions and get some privacy. Portable privacy screens will give you the flexibility to adjust the size of your workspace.

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