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8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

January 19, 2017

Be it incorporating different textures to make a space multi-dimensional, adding a statement piece as a main focus, or simply installing practical fixtures to help you in your day-to-day living, a home isn't complete without certain key elements to tie its look together.

There are 8 essential items that can make (or break) a modern home. What are they, and do you have all the right components for a swoon-worthy house? Read on to find out!

1. A Feature Wall

There's nary a local home that doesn't have a stylish, show-stopping feature wall these days. Whether it’s full-length carpentry, bricks, or just a simple paint job, accent walls are a great way to add pizzazz to an otherwise uninspired and flat space. Here, a bright, geometrical dash of aqua and sunny yellow instantly perks up this living area. The asymmetrical mirror on the side even creates a surreal optical illusion - we first thought it was a corridor reaching into the house!

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: Unity ID
Location: 92 Dawson Road

2. A Coffee Table

From binge-watching your latest Netflix obsession, to hosting an intimate gathering at home, a coffee table is not only a must-have décor item, but a highly practical one.

Coffee and tea? Check. A place to stash your magazines? Check. Your frequently disappearing remote controls? You'll know where to find them now. 'Nuff said, these nifty tables put everything within arm’s reach.

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: Innerglow
Location: Punggol Field

3. An Ottoman

It might have a foreign-sounding name, but the ottoman has become a multi-functional staple in tiny Singaporean homes.

More than just a fancy footstool, it can double as storage, extra seating, and even be converted into a coffee table! A total space maximiser. Consider colour coordinating it with your sofa for a seamless look like this home in Woodlands, or make it a show-stopping centrepiece with wild prints.

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates
Location: Woodlands Drive

4. Carpets

Carpets or rugs don't just feel good on your feet; More local homes are adopting the item, as it works as a great space divider, furniture place-holder, and ambience maker, imbuing a home with a warm, inviting feel.

Love a luxurious boutique style? Go for a fluffy, high pile rug in an elegant muted palette. Or if you need something sturdier that won’t flatten over time, then opt for a low pile rug that’s a lot easier to clean and maintain.

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: Schemacraft
Location: Palazzetto

5. An Entryway Bench

Though once highly neglected, entryway benches are seeing a resurgence. Having a seating area, coupled with extra cabinets for your shoes – should space permit – makes entering and leaving home a pleasant and organised experience. Plus, it’s a perfect area to wow guests with a great first impression.

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY
Location: Circuit Road

6. An Art Piece (or Two)

You don’t have to be a discerning critic or a artsy-fartsy gallery patron to adorn your interior with a canvas! Local homes are increasingly pairing their stylish furniture with artwork to give it extra character and personality.

You'll be surprised how art can project different emotions too; The understated look of this Scandinavian-styled home further imbues a sense of serenity with a pair of Klimt reprints hanging atop the sofa.

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: Forefront Interior
Location: Clementi Avenue 6

7. Statement Lamps

Extremely popular for their ability to immediately change up the atmosphere of any home, statement-making lamps are a definite must-have. They bring a sense of theatricality and drama that is irresistible, all while illuminating your home in style. Here, the homeowner makes an extendable and retractable industrial lamp the focal point of the supporting wall.

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: Make Room
Location: Waterfont

8. Hidden Storage

Ah, the number one problem for homes in Singapore - having sufficient storage space. Whether you’re a staunch minimalist or serious hoarder, hidden carpentry solutions have become a necessary feature to avoid unnecessary clutter or mess. Here, even the dining bench doubles up as storage to stash your belongings!

8 Essential Items That Define New Homes Today

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Twin Waterfalls

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