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8 Faux Features That'll Make Your HDB Look Landed

August 8, 2017

Any Singaporean would dream of living a huge bungalow or mansion - with ample space (and room for creativity) to create the most insane, luxurious features at home. Towering pillars, rustic exposed ceiling beams or outdoor showers - you name em'.

But back to reality. While most of us probably won't be able to afford that snazzy mansion by Sentosa Cove or quaint colonial cottage by Dempsey, we can still incorporate some of your favourite luxurious features from landed homes into your humble HDB - by going faux! Check eight faux feature ideas that you can do in your HDB apartment (without costing a bomb).

1. Fireplace

Faux Unique Features at Home
Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Black N White House

A cosy “fireplace” in a Singaporean home? Why not? Take cue from this Punggol flat who faked it with the quintessential white column surrounding a brick wall feature and replaced the “fire” with two elegant candleholders for that homely glow.

2. Bay Window

Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Lemonfridge Studio

One thing you can always do with is extra storage space so why not make it part of your home feature as well? This homeowner went with a faux bay window concept that not only adds a homely element to her Nordic theme but also incorporated additional storage space that will come in handy. Dress the area up with light curtains for a breezy effect.

3. Onsen

Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Nothing quite like coming home to a completely peaceful environment that immediately relaxes and calms you down. Like this onsen-inspired home that we find pretty amazing.

4. Outdoor Shower

Faux Unique Features at Home
Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Prozfile

Who doesn’t like the idea of an outdoor shower, just like those in Balinese spas? Well, you can enjoy an al fresco shower right at home too. Like this homeowner and his faux outdoor shower. Aim for the right materials like wooden planks and cement tiles to recreate that spa-like shower. Incorporate natural lighting for an even more real experience without feeling too exposed.

5. Roman Columns

Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Vegas Interior Design

Nothing says grand quite like columns in your home – which is exactly the impression we get from this three-room apartment. With the faux Roman columns complete with a Renaissance-inspired painting and over-the-top plush furniture, you’d think you are right there in an Italian home.

6. Wainscoting

Faux Unique Features at Home
Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat

To give a room an instant personality and charm, wainscoting will do just the trick. Here, the homeowner applied this feature throughout in a variety of styles for each room to stand out. It’s a simple yet effective way to faux that upper-class appeal.

7. Archway

Faux Unique Features at Home
Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Edge Interior

Arches instantly transform your home, creating a luxurious atmosphere or even a unique charm to a modern home. This homeowner went with that faux feature that is super-easy to recreate for a striking impact in the living area. It looks great and helps connect one area to another with that additional textural impact.

8. Wooden beams

Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: Edge Interior

Faux Unique Features at Home

Interior Designer: M3 Studio

Love that exposed ceiling beam look? Fake it just like this homeowner. This architectural feature allows a space to have higher ceilings or a decorative element that is charming. Go for a dark wood (as seen here) for a more contemporary approach or take on that aged-wood texture for a rustic look. It’s definitely a faux feature to consider if you want your home to stand out.

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