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8 Stylish TV Feature Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

A simple way to make your home stand out.

Everyone wants a stunning home – and one of the easiest ways to make your home visually pop? A TV feature wall.

TV feature wall ideas
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With the plethora of ideas out there, you’re bound to find something regardless of your aesthetic preferences. Just take a look at these ones for inspiration!

1. Consider a textured wall surface for a wabi-sabi vibe

wabi sabi TV feature wall
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View this project by Ovon Design

Earthy, nature-inspired interiors are the trend among homeowners these days. And while real materials (like stone and wood) tend to be heavy and hard to maintain, faux materials are always there to give you the same look without the hassle.

WIth its uneven edges, this faux stone feature wall resembles the surface of a rocky cliff – but more than that, it elevates the overall visual texture of the space for extra appeal.

2. Create a faux fireplace with your TV as the centrepiece

TV console feature wall
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View this project by Inspire 90s

Ever wished to own a cosy fireplace to curl up by, like the ones you see in Western homes?

Well, guess what – these homes prove that it’s possible to do so here. And aside from being a purely functional appliance, your TV can also contribute to the look, be it by projecting images of the fireplace, or by doubling up as an art feature piece on the wall.

modern TV feature wall design
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View this project by Inizio Atelier

3. Build floor-to-ceiling cabinets for concealed storage...

TV feature wall with storage
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View this project by Comfort Home Interior

You can never have too much storage, especially in space-starved Singapore.

Built along the full length of the wall, this TV feature wall designs boasts ample storage space for the homeowners. But more than just its functionality, it’s also incredibly sleek and stylish, with the recessed nook housing the TVs adding an element of depth to the space.

Yishun Street 51 by Jesigns Interior Design
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View this project by Jesigns Interior Design

4. ...or use fluted panels for visual interest

fluted panel TV feature wall
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View this project by Design 4 Space

Aside from simple storage, your TV feature wall can also double up as a display area for any collectibles you’d like to show off. In the case of this home, they’ve chosen to display their vast collection of books, with fluted panels that creates visual interest while keeping things neat.

Bonus: for anyone planning to keep appliances like a Nintendo Switch or Playstation in there, these panels also encourage which help prevent overheating!

5. Use a contrasting colour as a backdrop…

wood TV feature wall
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View this project by PRDT Interiors

One of the simplest ways to make your TV feature wall really stand out is to use a contrasting colour as a backdrop.

Just take a leaf out of these homes, where the homeowners used a wood-look feature wall that breaks up the monotony of the whitewashed walls behind it, while still fitting seamlessly into the overall white-and-wood theme.

mount TV on feature wall
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View this project by Attic Studio Interiors

6. …or opt for wallpaper

TV feature wall wallpaper
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View this project by Anhans Interior Design

Aside from patterns like florals and stripes, wallpaper can also emulate different textures like concrete and rattan, which are almost impossible to recreate with regular paint – so it’s no surprise that some homeowners use them to create a visually-striking area.

Case in point: this wallpaper-clad TV feature wall, boasting a subtle striped design that blends into the modern theme of the home.

7. Create a funky backdrop with tiles

TV feature wall ideas
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View this project by Free Space Intent

Tiles aren’t just used for a kitchen backsplash or flooring – they can be used as the backdrop for your TV feature wall as well! Simply take a look at this pastel home as an example, where denim-print tiles are put together in an asymmetrical shape that falls in line with the home’s eclectic vibe.

8. Draw attention to your TV feature wall with accent lighting

Eunos Court by Fifth Avenue Interior
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View this project by Fifth Avenue Interior

Lighting isn’t just meant to light up your home – when done right, it can add dimension and warmth to the space and draw attention to your favourite areas in your home, like your TV feature wall.

In this particular home, the warm recessed light illuminates the texture of the limewash paint and adds another degree of dimension to the area.

This article was first published on 3 April 2017 and last updated on 16 January 2024.

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