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8 Unique Door Designs for Every Entrance in Your HDB Flat

October 8, 2021

We’re sure you’ll a-door (adore) them.

We seldom take notice of them, but if you think about it, doors do provide us with a great degree of security, convenience, and of course, privacy. Just imagine not having a front door to secure your home with or taking a shower in bathroom without one, and you’ll quickly realise how important they actually are.

interesting door design

That said, you CAN still give the usual (read: boring) hinged doors a miss without losing out on all the functionality that they provide. Just keep scrolling to see how!

1. Install two front doors instead of one

Lorong Ah Soo by The Local INN.terior 新家室

Boosting the security of your home usually starts with adding a front gate to the main entrance, but if you’d like, installing an additional ‘door’ with a see-through glass pane works just as well.

Though you might lose out on some ventilation with this idea, the additional soundproofing could make the trade-off worth it, especially if you value personal privacy.

2. Partition bedrooms with pocket doors

Lorong Liew Lian by Urban Home Design 二本設計家

Pocket sliding doors are great because they tend to take up less space than their hinged counterparts. And because of that, these fixtures are perfectly suited for creating a partitioned passageway between two rooms. On one hand, they enhance privacy, and on the other, make it easier to diversify spaces for even greater functionality.

Lorong Liew Lian by Urban Home Design 二本設計家

3. Get a customised bedroom door with a cat flap

Bidadari Park Drive by Key Concept

Interior Firm: Key Concept

Even our furry friends need doors of their own, and if you share your home with one, then you might wish to take note of this great example of pet-friendly interior design.

Here, a small push flap installed at the base of a recessed bedroom door keeps with the minimalist aesthetic of the surroundings while providing a discreet entrance/exit for a sleek Siamese companion.

Bidadari Park Drive by Key Concept

4. Use glass sliding doors for your kitchen

Boon Tiong Road by Ascend Design

Interior Firm: Ascend Design

Glass sliding doors tend to see more use in HDB flats as balcony and/or study partitions, but they make for excellent kitchen entrances as well.

Elegance aside, such fixtures also bring a better spatial experience to the table as they enhance visibility between kitchens and any adjoining spaces, such as dining areas and/or breakfast nooks.

Boon Tiong Road by Ascend Design

5. Make your doors part of the home décor

Dawson by Happe Design Atelier

Interior Firm: Happe Design Atelier

Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s, the owner of this 3-room BTO flat gave her home the creative treatment by imbuing every part of it with yesteryear charm.

Of note are the semi-private room doors that call back to the strong geometric elements of early 20th-century architecture with their curvilinear cut-outs and identically-shaped reeded glass inserts.

Dawson by Happe Design Atelier

6. Opt for saloon yard doors instead of sliding ones

Tanjong Pagar by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

Although they aren’t the most interesting design elements to be found in local DJ Kun Hua’s 'rojak' 5-room HDB flat, these saloon doors are certainly unique in form and function.

Sporting a coat of mint green paint, these fresh-looking fixtures separating the service yard and communal area create an adequate level of privacy without blocking off natural light coming in from the outside.

interesting door design

7. Create a hidden bathroom entrance with a concealed door

Bidadari Park Drive by Mr Designer Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Designer Studio

What’s an article about doors without at least one concealed doorway? This Bidadari Park Drive HDB flat hides its common bathroom behind a facade of wooden slats -- and it’s an idea that’ll always work because of how seamlessly the silhouette of a doorway blends in with vertical lines.

Bidadari Park Drive by Mr Designer Studio

8. Partition off a study with revolving glass doors

The idea of installing revolving glass doors in an HDB flat might not sound useful or practical in the context of Singapore home interior design, but this (real-life) example shows otherwise.

Bishan Street 13 by Luova Project Services

Interior Firm: Luova Project Services

Keeping the cold air indoors when the air conditioner is turned on? That’s something these fixtures are capable of. How about blocking out noise? That’s also something they’re are able to do. But most important of all? These doors definitely aren’t the standard boring ones!

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