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A Shoe Cabinet but Better - 7 Design Hacks You Need To See

Rethink your shoe cabinet design and function with these ideas.

Shoe cabinets are often deemed as an eyesore, but this is primarily because they aren’t considered during - and are only purchased after - the interior design process. With proper planning and design, a shoe cabinet can in fact be an integral part of your home interior. Here are 7 things your shoe cabinet can also function as, while blending in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

1. A privacy wall

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View this project by Livspace

A well-placed floor-to-ceiling shoe cabinet can double up as a privacy wall, shielding even an open concept home from prying eyes. In this example, the kitchen (we know how messy cooking can get) and all other areas to the left of the cabinet are hidden from anyone looking in from the outside.

2. A staggered settee that adds character to your home interior

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View this project by The Orange Cube

It’s always easier to put your shoes on while seated. This shoe cabinet is part of a staggered settee backed by warm lights, and is instrumental in this apartment’s homely white-and-wood aesthetic. Don’t forget to throw in some pillows and a diffuser to complete the cosy vibe.

3. A display wall for your Bling Empire-worthy shoe collection

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View this project by Fifth Avenue Interior

A built-in display wall isn’t a cabinet in the strictest sense, but undoubtedly #goals for the avid lover of limited edition sneakers or Jimmy Choos alike. Apart from being extremely gratifying, looking at your entire shoe collection in a single glance helps in choosing your footwear for the day.

4. A cosy corner for lazy afternoons

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View this project by Fifth Avenue Interior

A shoe cabinet that doubles up as a window settee is an ideal spot for curling up with a good book or scrolling through Instagram on a lazy weekend afternoon. But make no mistake, there is work to be done; getting two furnishings for the space of one requires proper planning of your home’s layout and design!

5. A bomb shelter concealer

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View this project by Mr Designer Studio

HDB regulation prohibits the tampering of bomb shelters, but you can in fact cover up your bomb shelter with an additional door that fits the rest of the home interior.

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View this project by Mr Designer Studio

But don’t stop at aesthetics; make it functional too by turning it into a shoe cabinet (or a cabinet for anything, really). Just be sure to keep the actual bomb shelter easily accessible in the event of an emergency!

6. A living area partition

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View this project by Thom Signature Design

A low-rise shoe cabinet is a fuss-free way to demarcate living spaces while keeping a spacious feel to your home, making this a simple but effective design hack for space-starved HDB flats.

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View this project by Charlotte's Carpentry

Alternatively, a waist-level shoe cabinet can provide a sense of privacy without a wall in the middle of your living room.

Pro tip: a doorless compartment at the bottom of the cabinet also allows you to conveniently slot in any shoes you wish to air for a bit, or any footwear you wear on a daily basis.

7. A full-length mirror for final appearance checks

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View this project by Lemonfridge Studio

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to always check your appearance before leaving your home. Having a full-length mirror affixed to your shoe cabinet by the door allows you to do just that while giving the illusion of space.

Pro-tip: thinking about your daily routines can help inform your interior design choices.

Step Up Your Shoe Cabinet Game

Inspired? Speak with an interior design on what you want your shoe cabinet to double up as (whether functionally, aesthetically, or both) today.

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