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Beat the Heat: 6 Ways to Keep Your Homes Cool Without Aircon

Simple tips to repel the heat without breaking the bank.

Most Singaporeans would love to leave their air conditioners running all day and night – except that doing so is a sure-fire way for electricity bills to skyrocket. So instead of doing that, here are 6 ways to minimise the heat within your home.

1. Paint your house in light colours

Tampines Avenue 5 by The I-Plan Studio
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Dark homes may be beautiful, but if heat is a main concern, they’re not your best option. This is because dark colours absorb heat, while light colours reflect heat.

White, of course, is the most effective colour, but you can also go for taupe, cream, or even pastel hues if you prefer a pop of colour.

2. Install blackout curtains to block out the heat

Waterway Sunrise I by erstudio
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Around 30% of interior heat comes in through the window, so be sure to invest in some high-quality curtains and blinds to repel that heat. Blackout curtains are the best in doing just that, as the tightly-woven material they’re made of blocks out almost all light and UV rays from entering, effectively preventing heat gain inside your home.

This is especially useful for homes with windows that face the west. Plus, when switched on, your air-con need not work that hard to cool the room.

Cool without aircon
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Source (from left to right): Drapes Studio, SAN Design

Here are some of the brands we’ve partnered with to give you exclusive deals:

  • The Curtain Boutique: blackout curtains come in a variety of colours. Get a 10% discount when you spend a minimum of $1000 now.
  • SAN Design: have worked with big companies like Changi Airport, so the quality of their products are pretty much assured. Spend a minimum of $500 to enjoy a 10% discount now!
  • Ace Curtains: prices that start at $5 psf, but do consider their packages to fit your entire home at discounted rates.
  • Drapes Studio: blackout curtains and blinds are both available. Purchase now to enjoy discounts of up to 15% discount!

3. Stick window films on your window panes

Strathmore Avenue by Ovon Design
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Should you prefer to keep your home bright and airy with natural light – sans the heat and glare – window films will let you do just that. Sumitomo Refleshine solar films from Miredo Asia, for instance, block out both heat and harmful UV rays, keeping your interior cool and enhancing privacy while protecting you and your furniture from sun damage. Made in Japan, they're able to reduce indoor temperature rises by up to 9°C and air conditioning power consumption up to 40%!

Other brands that you may wish to consider include Pacco Window Film and 3M Window Films.

4. Increase ventilation by opening your windows

The Crest by Livspace
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This one seems like a no-brainer, but keeping our homes well-ventilated helps in heat dispersal and reduces stuffiness (more on that later). One simple thing you can do is to keep your windows open. Doing so encourages cross-ventilation that creates a current of air through your home.

While it may seem contrary to our earlier tip on installing blackout curtains, they are actually complementary to one another depending on circumstance. For example, you can draw your curtains on bright sunny days or when you’re out for the day, and then open your windows at night or when it isn’t too warm outside.

5. Choose ceiling fans over standing fans

Tampines Street 71 by Charlotte's Carpentry
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Apart from opening your windows, you can also invest in ceiling fans. It’s actually a better choice over a standing fan as it does better in terms of promoting air circulation, making it feel less stuffy in your home.

Cool without aircon
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Source: SPIN

To fully maximise a ceiling fan’s capabilities, set it to rotate anti-clockwise. This creates a down-draft that pulls hot air up and pushes cool air down, keeping you cool and comfy even on the warmest days. Fans from SPIN, for example, are fitted with dual-rotation mode, which allows you to switch the direction of your ceiling fan with just a click of a button.

6. Invest in a dehumidifier

Cool without aircon
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Source: Cosmo Prime

The average humidity levels are around 84%, so we are definitely no stranger to the warm, sticky feeling on a hot day. That’s why it’s wise to get a dehumidifier for your home, since its moisture-removal functions lowers your home’s humidity levels, which boosts the rate of your sweat evaporation and ultimately helps you feel much, much cooler.

If you’re keen on getting one, your best options are the dehumidifiers from EuropAce and Cosmo, which have the capability to suck in anywhere from 12L to 60L worth of moisture daily. Alternatively, also consider air-conditioners with the dehumidifying function, like the ones from Samsung.

Keeping your home cool without aircon

As these tips have shown, simple decisions for your home are enough to keep the sweltering Singapore heat at bay. Whether you’re just starting your renovation journey, or looking for new items to spiff up your existing home, remember to keep these pointers in mind.

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