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Best of Qanvast 2020: 12 Most-liked Homes on Our Instagram

A look back at your favs.

From the two-month Circuit Breaker to work-from-home arrangements, 2020 is probably the year we’ve spent the most time at home. Which is why having a cosy and aesthetically-pleasing home you’ll love is more important than ever.

And, where better to get your dose of home inspo than our Instagram page? We’ve rounded up these 12 crowd favourites below!

1. The hotel-like aesthetic for 24/7 staycations | 5,707 likes

Circuit Road by Habit
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View this project by Habit

Albeit looking very much like a luxe hotel, this apartment is actually a 3-room BTO flat! To nail the hotel look, opt for sleek built-ins, as well as darker furnishings and fittings for a more sophisticated touch.

2. An unconventional layout with a standalone pantry | 4,902 likes

Jelebu Road by KDOT
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View this project by KDOT

Is it just us or does this 126m² HDB flat look extra huge? To fully maximise this massive living room space, KDOT crafted a standalone pantry that seamlessly demarcates the living area from the kitchen.

3. An airy, Aussie-inspired home | 4,568 likes

instagram worthy home design ideas 2020
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We love a good, Cinderella-style transformation (apparently, so do you!) and this 180° revamp tops the charts. This unique entryway in a 5-room resale flat features a glass panel to allow oodles of natural light to pass through.

Explore: Follow our Instagram for more unique home ideas!

4. #(smart)homegoals | 3,957 likes

Alkaff Crescent by Zenith Arc
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View this project by Zenith Arc

This open-plan, all-white apartment kinda reminds you of an Apple store, no? This 4-room BTO in Alkaff Crescent (Bidadari) is also tricked out in smart home fittings — think a Google Home system, as well as automated curtains and lights.

5. The ever-so-timeless minimalist look | 3,854 likes

Chai Chee Road by Archive Design
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View this project by Archive Design

Minimalist homes have been trending since 2015 and honestly, it’s easy to see why. There’s just something about coming home to a clean and clutter-free space that feels oh-so-satisfying.

Take a page out of this minimalist 5-room resale HDB: all you need is a simple, all-white palette of clean lines, neutral hues and streamlined furniture that Marie Kondo would approve of.

6. This gorgeous walk-up apartment with a history | 3,800 likes

Joo Chiat by Free Space Intent
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View this project by Free Space Intent

This beautiful walk-up apartment in Joo Chiat has an equally interesting history to match. It used to be Zubir Said’s—the composer of Singapore’s national anthem—home! It now belongs to a self-confessed history buff who helped to restore many of the apartment’s original features, such as the balcony and the vents above the doorways.

7. Namaste in this Zen nook all day | 3,620 likes

Holland Drive by Habit
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View this project by Habit

2020 has been a rough year, but having this indoor garden-cum-reading nook in your home will definitely help to make things a little better. Great use of space aside, having a cosy corner allows you to slow down, unwind and recharge when things get too hectic.

8. How about a cute, farmhouse look? | 3,599 likes

Sengkang West Road by The Local INN.terior 新家室
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View this project by The Local INN.terior 新家室

For those who can’t decide whether or not they want an open- or closed-kitchen, this one’s for you. These glass windows and doors can be closed to keep cooking fumes and grease out of your living area when you’re cooking up a storm, and opened up for more space when you’re hosting guests.

Peep the terrazzo backsplash that adds a touch of cheeriness into the space!

9. Arches — the trendiest silhouette in 2020 | 3,571 likes

Telok Blangah Parcview by 19 Eighty Three
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View this project by 19 Eighty Three

If you combine all the coolest interior trends in 2020 (think arches, terrazzo and gold accents), what do you get? This dreamy BTO bathroom in Telok Blangah.

10. A bright and breezy maisonette | 3,483 likes

Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1 by Dyel Design
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View this project by Dyel Design

With plenty of square footage, tall ceilings and indoor staircases, it’s no wonder that maisonettes are everyone’s dream HDB flat. This one in Choa Chu Kang boasts a massive dry kitchen and island that is perfect for hosting guests over (within the visitor restriction limit, of course).

11. The dreamiest, Instagram-worthy BTO | 3,462 likes

Telok Blangah Parcview by 19 Eighty Three
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View this project by 19 Eighty Three

When we said Instagram-worthy, we weren’t exaggerating. This whimsical Telok Blangah Parcview BTO’s bathroom also ranks #9 on this list! To achieve a similar look, opt for plenty of muted hues and lots of contemporary decorative elements, such as rattan panels and light wood tones.

12. Channel resort vibes into your abode | 3,049 likes

Bishan Street 22 by Charlotte's Carpentry
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View this project by Charlotte's Carpentry

This open-plan Scandinavian home gets it right by combining plants and stylish rattan furnishing to add a Balinese touch to its interiors.

Apart from looking chic, this 121m² resale HDB is also outfitted with plenty of storage solutions (like a platform bed). Whoever said aesthetics and functionality can’t go hand-in-hand?

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