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Buying a BTO Flat in Singapore? Read This Guide First!

The ultimate guide to make you a BTO buying pro.

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Buying a BTO flat can be confusing business, there’s plenty to learn about after all – laws and grants are just the start. We’ve done the legwork for you and to put together a master guide that will teach you everything you need to know about buying a BTO flat.

Know the rules and grants

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Getting an HDB flat requires you to go through several rules and legislations. Now, because of these restrictions, you might not be eligible for the type of flat (i.e. resale, BTO, you name it) that you are looking at.

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Once you have figured out the abovementioned, it’s time to find out what subsidies you and/or your significant other are able to apply for, because getting a home in Singapore is going to be an investment.

Tips to choosing a unit

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Here’s where things get a little more physical – take a day-off to tour the BTO site. This way, you can get to know the surroundings of your future unit (trust us, this will make your choosing process easier). Take note of the sun gaze and wind direction to get a good estimate on which units receive direct sunlight and which ones tend to get breezier during the monsoon period (see more tips on choosing a good unit).

Budgeting for your home renovation

Veerasamy Road by Meter Square
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An added advantage of buying a new HDB flat comes in the form of the Optional Component Scheme, where you can pay for your essential finishes and fittings with your CPF. While it does sound like an easy solution, it may not always be as cost-effective one if you intend to replace those fittings and furnishings during renovation. Find out if you should opt-in or out here.

Your BTO may take 3-4 years to build, so take this time to save up for your renovation. While a new HDB home is about 40% cheaper to renovate than a resale flat on average, it will still set you back quite a bit.

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Designing your BTO

Upper Boon Keng Road by Briey Interior
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Knowing how you would like to design your place would help in the renovation budgeting process. Start by making a purchase of your residential floor plan on HDB’s site and learn how to design around the space. If you have trouble reading your floor plan, we can help you navigate past those symbols and signs.

While waiting for your BTO to TOP, you can start putting together a mood board with interior ideas that best suits you.

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According to feedback from IDs, the perfect time to start meeting them would be when key collection is about six months away, so don’t go knocking on their doors too early!

All prices and links stated in this article are up-to-date at the time of writing.

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