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Coastal Style: Ride the New Wave with These Easy Decor Tips

October 9, 2018

Earlier last month, we surveyed over 500 homeowners to see if we could find out more about renovation trends in Singapore. And while we asked participants about their budgeting habits and working experiences with interior professionals, we also quizzed them about their favourite decor styles.

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Black N White Haus

The results? Both the Scandinavian and Minimalist styles continue to remain popular (being tied for the highest number of votes) with the Coastal style coming in at second place as an up-and-coming option – which is also the reason why we're taking a closer look at it today.

If this easygoing, nautical-themed trend has caught your fancy, here are some essential decorating tips that you'll certainly find useful!

1. Include shades of blue

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Dyel Design

If the quintessential colour scheme for the perfect Scandinavian interior is white mixed with wood tones, the one-two combo of white-and-blue would be the equivalent for Coastal-style homes. This breezy colour pairing works best here, as it's great at capturing the relaxed atmosphere of a summery beach scene, on top of keeping things looking bright and airy.

Plus, pulling it off should be easy even for design first-timers: all you really need are nautical blue accents – be it in the form of choice decorative accents or upholstered furniture – set against a whitewashed backdrop to make the look work.

2. Create the right natural vibe

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Jubilee Interior

Although it isn't a must, having some greenery will go a long way in helping you to nail down the rustic vibe that Coastal-style homes are famous for.

If you aren't a fan of having potted plants indoors, consider getting eco-friendly furniture made from reclaimed drift wood or natural cane instead. This way, you get to do your part for the environment, on top of ensuring that your home's look stays on theme.

3. Get soft, patterned fabrics

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Edge Interior

Like any other decor style, when it comes to pulling off the Coastal look, the tactile experience matters as much as the visuals. And what this means is that the sense of touch is key to creating the right feel and atmosphere for your 'nautical-natural' home.

Here, we recommend introducing soft, patterned fabrics for two reasons: one, they are perfect for conveying a comfortable vibe with their light textures, and two, they are perfect for balancing out the rustic details in Coastal-style interiors, especially natural, weathered wood surfaces.

4. Pay attention to the walls

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Prozfile

Yet another important part of bringing the seaside back to your home is getting the walls right – and while that may mean applying the aforementioned white-and-blue colour theme to your surroundings, there's more than one way of getting the job done.

Shiplap, which are the very same wooden boards used to create the farmhouse look, work well here because of the personality they add. Plus, it doesn't hurt that these panels are used in the actual construction of seaside cottages either.

5. Have plenty of light

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Schemacraft

A beach without sun is like a summer without warmth – the same goes for Coastal-style homes where having plenty of natural light is absolutely essential for creating a bright and cheery mood. If opening the curtains doesn't help, don't move to a sunnier location just yet, there are plenty of hacks that you can try to illuminate the inside of your home.

6. Bring in nautical-themed decor

coastal home decor tips

Interior Firm: Urban Habitat Design

Last but not least, nautical-themed decor accessories are an auto-include (and win!) for any interior that's all about the Coastal look; think anchors, model ships, or once again, just about anything featuring vertical, widely-spaced stripes in blue and white.

If you'd like, you can even make a trip down to the beach, gather some seashells and create a handmade collage, which you can then feature as a seaside-themed focal point in your home.

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