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Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

October 28, 2016

First founded in 2010 by Wayne Tan, interior designer company Fineline Design has years of experience and successful projects under its belt. Wayne, director of the company shares the key to Fineline Design’s success and its determined focus on providing the best professional services to customers below.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

Qanvast: Can you give a brief overview of your interior design experiences and journey? When and why did you start Fineline Design?

Wayne (W): It’s been a long 14 years with a lot of twists and turns, and also many years building up my professional and technical expertise. I first started in 2002 as an interior designer focusing on residential designs and renovations. Along the way, I also ventured into commercial design projects, learning from professionals in this specific field to gain more experience and broaden my design skill set.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

In 2010, I decided to venture out on my own and founded Fineline Design. As a founder, I can align my own design company with several goals and principles that I believe strongly in – like professionalism, quality service and creativity. Fineline Design was named to convey the concept of quality designs – lines are important in design - and act as a reminder that there is a fine line between success and failure.

Keeping this in mind, we have since successfully completed more than 30 commercial and 100 residential projects to the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

Qanvast: Since you have experience and background in both commercial and residential designs, is there a specific design direction is Fineline Design heading towards?

W: Fineline Design largely focuses on residential designs, as we want to create warm, functional and unique homes for families to create wonderful memories in. We have just expanded into a new and huge (at 4,200 sqft!) showroom and office at Balastier.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

Qanvast: Is there a specific design style that Fineline Design is particularly skilled in?

W: For interior designers, we always cater to the preferences and design wishes of the customers. We have to be very flexible in this field. Every designer will have their own preferences and expertise, and they will convey this to the customers, but ultimately, it is up to the customers to select their preferred design. At Fineline Design, we always place our customers’ design requirements and wishes first.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design
Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

Qanvast: What design style is the trend heading towards? How does Fineline Design interpret and /or add their own touch to it?

W: Right now the trend is heading towards minimalism. Industrialism…to a certain extent, because it detracts from the homely cosy feel. And more families are investing in quality and costlier furniture; I think furniture is the make or break factor for any home. An interior design can be perfect, but the furniture can add or detract from the design. It would be a waste to invest in a good interior design but skimp and end up with poor furniture that destroys the style and comfort of the home.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

For minimalism, it is important to keep things simple and uncluttered. And here at Fineline Design, we also look at the fine details to give a quality and unique touch to the minimalism style, like the carpenter work- in terms of geometry and proportions. That is important to us as designers and Fineline Design, rather than just looking at the walls and flooring only.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

Qanvast: What are the challenges of being an interior designer and what does Fineline Design do to maintain its quality standards?

W: We always emphasise on taking pride in our work – that is key to Fineline Design’s quality service and designs. And there is very hard and tedious work involved, so we make sure everyone here at Fineline Design is on board with the right mentality and determination. For instance, working on evenings, weekends, and holidays – there are no holidays- are a must, given our line of work; customers will naturally have expectations and questions, and it is up to us to address them well no matter what.

Designer Spotlight: Fineline Design

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