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Do Ergonomic Sofas Exist? Here's One, and This is How It Works

Bye-bye, body aches.

You’ve heard of ergonomic chairs and desks, but have you ever heard of an ergonomic sofa? It’s not surprising if you haven’t – after all, when you’re trying to choose the right sofa for your home, its ergonomics is probably not a priority, if at all.

Ergonomic sofa
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But do ergonomic sofas even exist? Well, yes they do, and the OSIM uDiva 3 is one such example. Its ergonomic design comes with a fully adjustable backrest and legrest, with eight different transformation modes that are designed to meet your lifestyle needs.

If you’re a little skeptical about these claims, we totally get it. So, that’s why we got Dr. Marc Calaunan, the founder of local chiropractic firm Healing Hands, to give us his input.

1. It helps your body maintain an optimal ‘90-90-90’ position

Ergonomic sofa
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According to Dr. Marc, good sitting posture is when your body is in the ‘90-90-90’ position – that is, when your torso, elbows, and knees are all at 90º. But even he acknowledges that holding that position for a prolonged period of time is tough, since you’ll need to constantly remind yourself to stop slouching.

However, the uDiva 3 naturally helps you maintain good posture, with a backrest and armrest that effortlessly keeps your body upright. Unlike a regular 2- or 3- seater sofa, it has armrests on either side, guaranteeing proper support for both your arms and preventing pressure build-up in your shoulders and back.

2. It has an adjustable backrest

Ergonomic sofa
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From an ergonomic standpoint, the act of reclining takes the weight off your joints and muscles. But when asked if there was an optimal reclining angle, Dr. Marc explains that it’ll vary based on individual factors like height and weight.

The best way to find out the best angle to recline at is by testing it out yourself. And fortunately, you can do that easily with the uDiva 3, since it’s equipped with a versatile backrest that can recline up to 120º. It can also extend upwards should you need additional back and neck support.

3. It has a legrest that can be extended to fit different leg lengths

Ergonomic sofa
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Sharing a massage sofa with multiple people isn’t easy. Smaller family members would find its features too big for their petite frame, while taller folks may struggle to even sit properly.

Other features aside, what makes the uDiva 3 a versatile piece is its adjustable legrest, which can be extended to fit different leg lengths – so it doesn’t matter if you’re petite or as tall as a basketball player.

Plus, it’s also fully convertible! Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Use it as an ottoman
  • Have a leg massage
  • Keep it tucked under when not in use

The OSIM uDiva 3: supporting your body and lifestyle needs

If you find it a hassle to manually adjust each part to your liking, good news. With a total of eight transformation modes, the uDiva 3 can provide full body support for just about any lifestyle activity.

Ergonomic sofa
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Feel free to use the OSIM uDiva 3 to check your emails, play your favourite games or even take a nap!

Here are all the different modes the uDiva 3 has:

  1. The Sofa mode
  2. The Sofa with Ottoman mode
  3. The Leg Massage mode
  4. The Back Massage mode
  5. The Back Massage with Ottoman mode
  6. The Upright Full Massage mode
  7. The Lounger mode
  8. The Reclined Full Massage mode

Aside from that, it also has a plethora of lifestyle/smart features like a side table, built-in USB ports, and even a Bluetooth speaker! Whether it’s to keep a snack nearby while watching TV, or to charge your tablet while checking your emails, you’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Experience the OSIM uDiva 3 today!

Ergonomic sofa
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Here’s a special deal you won’t want to miss out on. From now to 30 April 2022, quote “QANVAST” at any OSIM outlet to snag the OSIM uDiva 3 from only $63/month*. Visit any OSIM outlet for more details.

*Based on a 36-month instalment plan. Terms apply.

To see how it stacks up against a regular sofa, you can register for a 15 minute trial experience with the OSIM uDiva 3 – which will not only let you see how ergonomic it is, but will also net you a free gift worth $19.90! Click the button below to sign up now.


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