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Every (Mini) Home Bar Needs These Space-Saving Wine Chillers

These compact and sleek models fit right into any home!

We all love cracking open a bubbly or two after a long day at work. However, not everyone has the luxury of space to store their beloved bottles. No room for a dedicated cellar? For those living in smaller apartments, Kadeka offers a multitude of wine storage solutions to display your vino collection in style while maximising every inch of space.

Here are some ideas on how you can work in these space-friendly wine chillers into your home!

1. Opt for undercounter units for tight spaces

A galley kitchen is one of the most common layouts you can find in an average flat. While it’s perhaps the most efficient kitchen type for small homes, its narrow walkway and lack of space can pose a serious challenge when it comes to storage needs.

wine cabinet, wine chiller, wine fridge
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Featured: Interior Firm Carpenters 匠 and Kadeka KS54TL/TR

In this case, an undercounter unit like the Signature Series KS54TL/TR is a good option that provides adequate storage without taking up valuable countertop space that could be used for food prep. It’s capable of storing up to 54 bottles, and comes with innovative features such as LED interior lighting and a three-layered glass to keep your reds and whites well protected. Add in some display shelves for servingware, and you have your very own small pantry cum bar right in your kitchen!

2. Dual-purpose chillers are great for open concept layout

We’re big fans of open-concept kitchens for many reasons. Not only does it help to open up the space and connect the zones, it also makes socialising a lot easier if you enjoy having guests over. Get a classic wine chiller installed in your open kitchen like the homeowners here – it’s situated right beside the fridge and near the dining area, which makes it more accessible to reach out for a tipple after mealtimes.

Bukit Merah by Aart Boxx Interior
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The KS54TL/TR will get the job done but if you need space to accommodate more beverages, such as your fancy craft beer and tonic water, consider the Medley Series KB40WBC. This dual-purpose wine chiller doubles up as a mini fridge that can fit a capacity of 25 bottles and 54 canned beverages – all in one sleek, stainless steel unit.

wine cabinet, wine chiller, wine fridge
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Source: Kadeka

3. Keep your wines in an optimum environment

If you have a bit of vertical space to spare, a tall and slim wine chiller like the Steel Series KA24WR is going to be your best bet. It’s relatively compact with a 20-bottle capacity – perfect for those who drink only on special occasions. Or, go for the alternative - the KA39WR comes with a 31-bottle capacity.

Humidity can be a huge concern in cramped kitchens as well. To prevent your corks from drying out due to low humidity levels, the KA24WR comes with a built-in fan and a humidity control box to keep your wines in an optimum environment.

wine cabinet, wine chiller, wine fridge
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Featured: Interior Firm KDOT and Kadeka KA24WR

4. Utilise dead spaces, or free up your floor

Another thing we really like about the KA24WR is that it’s a freestanding unit, so it can be moved around easily depending on your layout and lifestyle needs. See how this homeowner incorporated a wine chiller into an otherwise under-utilised recessed area – this helps to free up floor estate for better mobility. Plus, it matches well with the rest of the decor! It’s part of the Steel Series, which features a clean and minimalist look that complements the aesthetic of any modern home.

Circuit Road by Habit
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5. Blend in with your carpentry for that seamless look

If you want something sturdier, the Steel Series KA45WR is sure to please all the serious wine collectors. With a generous capacity of 45 bottles, this is a larger model that offers maximum storage to accommodate an ever-expanding collection. Some of the top-notch features include the auto-defrost function, humidity box and charcoal filter to ensure that your wine is served at its best. To give you a peace of mind, it’s also equipped with a security lock so you know your precious stash of fine wines is in good hands.

Lorong Ah Soo by Anhans Interior Design
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And it’s as stylish as it is functional – it has a seamless design that fits into any kitchen design without breaking the monotony of the overall scheme. This one is tucked discreetly behind the bar counter, and comes accompanied with wine racks to create an effortlessly cool home bar setting that’s perfect for entertaining.

wine cabinet, wine chiller, wine fridge
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Featured: Interior Firm 13th Design Studio and Kadeka KA45WR

The tinted glass door offers UV protection against harmful rays that might cause wine to degrade and age prematurely. There are also bright LED controls neatly displayed on an intuitive touch panel so you can see the temperature settings in clear view. Very convenient!

Make the most of your wine storage with Kadeka

For those who are looking for a space-saving alternative to keep your wine perfectly chilled and ready to serve, Kadeka offers a complete range of solutions for all your storage needs – Signature Series, Steel Series, and Medley Series. Apart from the space-saving design, these wine chillers also boast greater cooling performance and energy efficiency – no better way to showcase your wine collection!

wine cabinet, wine chiller, wine fridge
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FInd out more about Kadeka’s selection of products here.

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