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Have A House? You Will Need These 10 Home Services

When the smell of ‘new’ stuff, the buzz of those initial few weeks of moving in and the hype of housewarming parties have gone and died down - all that’s left is the hard truth. Time to get those brooms, toolboxes and vacuums out, because (hello!) from now, it’s all about housework.

From keeping neat to making sure everything doesn’t fall apart from wear and tear, a home requires almost 24/7 maintenance. But fret not; if the thought of housekeeping is keeping you away from the house, you can always count on these 10 home services to help you keep your house looking spanking new - even after 10 years.

1. Professional House Cleaning

Canberra Crescent by PHD Posh Home Design
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View this project by PHD Posh Home Design

It takes skill to clean, and it’s one that you do not have. Better to get someone who’s an expert than settle with your half-baked cleaning abilities which could do more harm than good! Ranging from cleaning up your floors, furniture, cabinets to taking out the garbage, these house cleaners will keep your home spick and span:

  • Auntie Cleaner
    Auntie Cleaner is the leading house cleaning company in Singapore. They specialise in all types of cleaning services such as spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, part-time maid, office cleaning, one-time cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, weekly cleaning and more.
    Tel: 8609 3601

  • Home Cleanz
    An established professional cleaning company with over 10 years’ worth of experience. Provides a wide range of cleaning services, including regular residential cleaning, floor scrubbing, and window cleaning.
    Tel: 6440 3342

  • Clean Homes
    Offering cleaning services for both residential and commercial projects, Clean Homes uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic products for cleaning, which are safe for children and pets.
    Tel: 6406 2062/ 9856 7500

  • Spark Cleanz
    A fuss-free platform for engaging professional cleaning services. Spark Cleanz lets homeowners engage a professional cleaner for regular home cleaning, a one-time deep cleaning (great for post-renovation!), and air-con cleaning - in 4 simple steps.
    Tel: 9782 2035

2. Aircon Servicing

Lake Grande by Arche Interior
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View this project by Arche Interior

Can’t live without the cool breeze of your air-conditioning? With Singapore’s sweltering weather - we don’t blame you. But, with constant use means more wear and tear; and it pays to do a little maintenance every once in a while to keep your air-con in tip-top condition. You won’t want it breaking down or dying on you 2 years in; imagine the hassle and hefty cost of replacing units!

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3. Window Cleaning

Woodlands Avenue 6 by Swiss Interior Design
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View this project by Swiss Interior Design

Don’t go attempting to be Spiderman (or risk your lives like those maids) teetering off the edge of a parapet for clean windows. Your panes in general are just tricky to clean - unless you’re a contortionist - so, it’s best that you call a professional with the right cleaning gear, safety measures and expertise to get it all sparkly and spotless.

  • The Window Cleaners
    As its name suggests, The Window Cleaners specialises in window cleaning treatments. Homeowners can choose from 3 types of cleaning jobs - a first-time deep clean which includes the cleansing of glass, frame right down to the hinges, a routine clean, and optional extras (such as cleaning of grilles).
    Contact via form in website

  • Uni Home Cleaning
    Besides general cleaning services, Uni Home Cleaning also offers fixed window-cleaning rates for various HDB flat types. Each cleanse includes cleaning both the window glass and grilles, if any.
    Tel: 6476 3778

4. Handyman

Hillview 128 by Design 4 Space
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View this project by Design 4 Space

Honestly? Mechanics aren’t your thing. Yes, you’ve got a toolbox at home, but it’s for emergencies - like using a hammer to smash your way out of a fire. Otherwise for everything else, like fixing up a faulty door/door handle, appliances to drilling holes for your new gallery wall, call a handyman for these minor home fix-ups.

  • FixWerks
    A one-stop provider, Fixwerks offers repair services for a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, air-cons, cookers, washing machine (and the list goes on!). The firm also does handyman jobs, such as cabinet/door repairs and wall mount installations.
    Tel: 6765 8890

  • Mr Fix It
    From minor touch-ups to major replacements, Mr Fix It handyman service covers it all. Home services (which are not exhaustive) include replacement of bathroom fittings (e.g. taps, sinks, pipes), light fixtures and the changing of doorknobs.
    Tel: 8499 8628

  • ISO Home Care
    Boasting 15 years’ experience in home repairs and handyman services, ISO Home Care provides comprehensive coverage and open pricing for all sorts of minor interior works, such as furniture and fitting installations, painting and wall mountings.
    Tel: 6745 0150

5. Home Organizer

Tampines Street 32 by Fifth Avenue Interior
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View this project by Fifth Avenue Interior

Everyone wants their home to look as uncluttered it first began. Truth is, your space will get messy over time, as you live into it (and secretly hoard stuff). If attempts at Marie Kondo-ifying your space aren’t working - it’s time to call a house organizer. Yes, it’s a legit profession, and services include tidying up your wardrobe to coming up with a system to help you declutter better.

  • Get Organised and Beyond
    Helmed by professionally accredited organiser Nathalie Ricaud, Get Organised and Beyond is more than just a practical decluttering service. Nathalie offers structured lessons to help homeowners clean and organise their space physically - and mentally.
    Tel: 6836 9344/9635 6946

  • Edits. Inc
    Utilising a unique warehousing science framework, Edits Inc helps homeowners achieve a better, more organised space through its various decluttering services, including general home organising, file organising and even furniture shopping.
    Tel: 6803 9573/ 9431 8057

  • The Declutter Professionals
    Backed by a team of professional organisers, The Declutter Professionals offers physical and virtual home organising consultation sessions, as well as a dedicated room makeover - all with transparent prices.
    Tel: 9800 3189

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6. Home Automation Expert

Lim Liak Street by Voila
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View this project by Voila

Smart home systems may be convenient, but nobody said it was easy. Want in on the high-tech lifestyle without fumbling around with set-up like someone from the Stone Age? Home automation installation services are available, helping busy homeowners wire up their smart locks, controls, curtains and other devices - so they don’t have to spend time to.

  • Home Action Party
    A Control4 (a home automation platform) certified installer, the Home Action Party provides installation services for various types of home automation features, including setting up a whole-home automation treatment, smart lighting or voice automation system.
    Tel: 9117 8136/9762 6815

  • iHome Asia
    A leading smart home provider and installer in South East Asia, iHome Asia uses it’s own proprietary automation system in all its products. Homeowners can choose from a broad range of smart home solutions - like smart security, energy-saving smart fittings or entertainment control systems.
    Tel: 6533 1484/6533 1452

7. Carpet Cleaning

Tampines Avenue 9 by Ciseern
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View this project by Ciseern

Your carpet or shaggy rug may feel great under your feet, but imagine the dirt it’s getting day in and out! A quick vacuum just isn’t going to cut it. Before it ends up emanating funky smells or feeling all lumpy, give it a thorough wash with the help of a carpet cleaner. These servicemen provide a range of services, from shampooing your carpet (just like hair!) to steam cleaning.

  • Cotton Care
    Experts in fabric-based cleaning (think curtains, carpets, sofa covers), Cotton Care’s Rug and Carpet cleaning service provides a thorough solution. Pick from various carpet treatments, whether it’s a dry-clean, shampoo, steam cleaning or even on-site cleaning (for bigger carpets).
    Tel: 6747 7844/ 9029 6919

  • Carpet Doctor
    Featuring an innovative All-In-One hot water extraction shampoo that vacuums, rinses and brushes your carpet for a highly effective cleanse, the Carpet Doctor offers fixed rates for carpet/rug cleaning, based on size.
    Tel: 6520 9378

8. Electrician

Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 by The Concept
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View this project by The Concept

Sure brings you back to the renovation days, doesn’t it? An inescapable part of any home, electrical wires will always run the risk of wear and tear - or even breaking down - after frequent use. Just don’t attempt to fix things on your own; call a proper electrician to get your power up and running again without risking an electric shock.

  • TK Electricians
    With an excellent, zero-accident safety record. TK Electricians provides cost-effective and reliable electrical services, ranging from rewiring to replacement of existing power sockets and switches.
    Tel: 9115 8246

  • CWC Electricians
    A 24-hour electrical services provider, CWC Electricians has over 20 years’ experience in electrical installation, maintenance and repairs. Every electrician is also licensed by HDB and BCA, ensuring quality works for all types of residential spaces.
    Tel: 9858 7555

  • EM Electrical Engineering
    Operating 24-hours as well, EM Electrical Engineering provides fuss-free electrical repairs (blackouts, power trip recovery) and maintenance services - at zero transportation cost.
    Tel: 9395 3311

9. Plumber

Park Green by U-Home Interior Design
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View this project by U-Home Interior Design

The most visited room in your house needs a lil’ TLC, considering all the rubbish it handles! Waste, dirt, grime - you name it; your bathroom fittings are bound to crop up, and they can get really nasty. Whether it’s fixing a choked toilet bowl, sink or leaking faucet, have these plumbers’ contacts handy:

  • Mr Speedy
    A BCA-certified contractor, Mr. Speedy also provides plumbing services for common problems like sink and trap chokes, faulty toilet bowl cisterns and flushes, as well as a general replacement of sanitary fittings.
    Tel: 6452 3533

  • Singapore Plumbing
    A 24-hour plumbing service with more than 30 years experience, Singapore Plumbing covers a wide scope from general rectifications like leaks and chokes to the installation and replacement of water-related fittings (taps, sinks, water heater, toilet bowls, showers, etc.).
    Tel: 6383 8044

  • CC Plumbing Service
    Promising a quick response of less than 30 minutes for every enquiry, CC Plumbing Service prides itself in providing open prices and reliable plumbing services, 24 hours.
    Tel: 9789 7227 (West & South area)/ 6599 9665 (North & East area)

10. Pest Management

Hedges Park by Free Space Intent
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View this project by Free Space Intent

Aside from the judgy look people give when you tell them about your bug infestation (don’t you ever clean?), pests are unavoidable in any home. The question is how to keep unwanted creepy crawlies (or worse, rats) in check. Traps and a pinch of Baygon may be a temporary relief, but get it totally out of the way with the help of pest control.

  • IKARI Pest Control
    Using low-toxicity chemicals for all its pest, odour and fungi/bacterial control services, IKARI Pest Control has more than 40 years of experience in providing pet and child-friendly treatments.
    Tel: 6743 1313

  • Maximum Pest Control
    Specialising in pest control services for ants, termites, bacteria and fungi, Maximum Pest is a 24-hour pest management firm with over 12 years' experience. It is also known for its signature hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) anti-bacterial treatment.
    Tel: 6292 0515

  • Origin Exterminators
    A leading pest-control company in Singapore, Origin Exterminators’ team of highly experienced specialists uses eco-friendly, non-toxic alternatives to beat a whole range of pests, be it termites, mosquitoes or bed bugs.
    Tel: 6280 5666

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