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Help! My House… Is Old And Run-Down

Great news: You have just moved into your new home! Well… as new as it can possibly be for a resale unit in an older estate.

Upon taking your first step in, you immediately realise that your moving journey is far from over – the ceiling is stained in multiple spots, walls are showing their age, and not to mention, there is a musty scent in the air.

So as Sun Tzu (or many an experienced homeowner) would say, “Know your enemy” and that’s the first step to making a run-down abode habitable. Arm yourself with our list of 7 common old home problems that you should fix ASAP.

1. Don’t Tolerate Overhead Leaks, Get Them Fixed

Help My House Old Rundown
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Interior Designer: The Association

Having a roof over your head is definitely a blessing. But one that is leaking? Perhaps less so.

Chronic water stains overhead (particularly in the bathroom) are commonly indicative of water seepage as it is the norm for high-rise plumbing to be installed overhead.

If you have discovered a ceiling leak, the best course of action is to enlist the help of your local grassroots advisors as HDB offers financial help for such repairs via the Goodwill Repair Assistance (GRA) scheme.

2. Check For Mould

Help My House Old Rundown
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If it is growing on a week-old bun that you forgot, mould isn’t really an issue (nonetheless, do toss out the offending pastry with haste).

On the other hand, if left unchecked, mould growth at home is a severe problem as it threatens structural stability. Once again, fix all offending leaks – excess moisture is a key contributor to fungal growth – and enlist professional help with replacing any severely damaged tiles, plaster and/or drywall structures.

3. Inspect Your Walls For Hairline Cracks

Help My House Old Rundown
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A flaky paintjob or tacky wallpaper will most certainly make an aging property look even older. And the same applies for hairline cracks caused by either weathering (read “long-term exposure to fluctuating temperature and humidity levels”) or aging plasterwork.

HDB recommends fixing the problem by getting a new paintjob using a “flexible sealant/elastomeric paint to seal the cracks” or enlisting professional help for more extensive repairs.

4. Replace Old Electrical Components

Help My House Old Rundown
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Covered cords are out of vogue, especially with the popularity of homes that embrace industrial-chic and functional sensibility. Be that as it may, aging electrical components are not a design feature that you want.

Faulty outlets can result in overheating, a higher utilities bill, or worst of all, an electrical fire that will turn your dreams of owning a stylish abode into ashes.

5. Not Enough Access Points? Install More

Help My House Old Rundown
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Interior Designer: Meter Square

There’s no denying that Internet access is a crucial must-have in a connected society,considering that we are constantly tethered to the online world even at home.

While most homes are equipped with the access points needed to enable broadband and/or cable services, older flats are likely to be lacking in these outlets.

Consider outfitting your dwelling with more access points, especially if you intend to set aside space for a personal office.

6. Upgrade Inefficient Water Fittings

Help My House Old Rundown
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Interior Designer: 0932 Design Consultants

With water prices set to increase by 30% by July 2018, upgrading the sanitary fittings in your bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms is certainly a prudent move to make.

When making a new purchase, look out for the Water Efficiency Label as well. Fittings with a higher tick rating translate into greater savings, and possibly a bigger budget for any future home makeovers that you have in mind.

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7. Don’t Let Them Be A Pane: Replace Your Damaged Windows

Help My House Old Rundown
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Interior Designer: Bowerman

If your apartment is located along a common corridor, chances are that your home’s windows are located along the same passageway as well.

And for privacy and security reasons, it is highly advisable that you replace any damaged window panes or mechanisms (for instance, levers and hinges) that cause improper shutting.

Have louvered windows installed and wish to retain them for retro-style flavour? Be sure that the glass panes are intact and secured firmly.

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