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Help! My House... Plants Are Dying

House plants are a great tool to decorate your house and at the same time to help purify the air. Here’s how to spot if you’re – accidentally – killing your plants, along with tips to remedy it and keep them alive! 

Signs Your Plants Are Dying

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1. Tip of the leaves are turning brown.

2. Rotten stems or roots.

3. Withering plants.

When you spot any of the signs mentioned above, do give your plants extra care. Remember to take immediate action attending to their needs and you can bring them back to life!

How To Fix It

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1. Lighting

Plants need light to grow, so choosing the right place for your indoor plant is important. Place them near the window to get indirect sunlight.

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2. Watering the plants

It is essential to know how much water the plants require. Do not overwater them as they will be drown, causing their roots to rot. On the other hand, too little water will dry them out.

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3. Feeding the plants

Plants need both water and fertiliser to grow and bloom, so don't forget to feed them with nutrients they need. Be mindful that excessive fertiliser will cause the plant to die. 

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4. Don’t move your plants too frequently

Plants acclimatise slowly to different surroundings by changing their leaf orientation and structure. Moving them around will actually bring negative results due to the drastic changes of temperature and light.

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5. Choose the correct pot that suits the plant

When you see roots growing out of the bottom drainage hole, or the plant covers the entire surface of the soil and spills over the edge, it is time to repot them! Don't squeeze them as they need more room to grow healthily. 

This article was done in collaboration with Poppy Flora Studio. All images were contributed by Poppy Flora Studio.

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About Poppy Flora Studio

Founded in 2000, with the lead of our founder and creative director - Sarah Lim, Poppy Flora Studio has disembarked her journey in bringing out the beauty of the Mother Nature. In Poppy, we create the most possible concepts and inspirations, provide the directions and integrations, as well as channel every idea into a charming and aesthetically appealing platform.

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