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Here Are 7 Major Perks Of Having An Open Concept Kitchen

March 27, 2018

Some may say that it’s a matter of choice, but there are plenty of grounds why open-concept kitchens are set to become the more popular option in Singapore.

First offered under the Optional Component Scheme in 2012 (to a whopping 70 per cent take-up rate), open kitchens will soon be the norm for new Built-to-Order (BTO) flats.

Even so, it’s safe to say that the majority of kitchens in existing homes are still closed-off spaces. Sitting on the fence about opening up yours? We have 7 good reasons why you should just go ahead.

1. Open Kitchens Are Great Space Maximisers

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB
Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Interior Designer: Form & Space

It’s a common misconception that large homes aren’t in need of space maximisation. Having too little in a wide, open area will make it look and feel spartan – an impression that you certainly don’t want to give to your guests, especially if a tranquil, but welcoming space is what you are aiming for.

If you are lucky enough to have the problem of having excess square footage, getting an open kitchen is one way of tapping your home’s full potential. Aside from accentuating the size of your dwelling, an open-concept kitchen with a long central island also makes for a highly-functional cooking zone that flows well from one end to the other.

2. Open Layout = A More Comfortable Cookout

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Interior Designer: The Design Abode

Cramped, closed-off area or a bright, well-ventilated space? Choosing between the two is a no-brainer if you spend plenty of time in the kitchen. Any experienced home chef will tell you that it’s no fun having a cookout in a tight, cramped space, filled with oily fumes and intense heat.

And while it’s true that the ensuing clean up won’t always be pleasant – if your open kitchen is within walking distance of your living area – it’s not something that can’t be solved by having an efficient hood and a see-through glass pane at the right spot.

3. The Concept Works For Small Homes Too

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB
Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Interior Designer: Habit

Large flats aren’t the only homes that can benefit from an open-concept design.

In this compact two-room suite –which has its kitchen adjoining the sleeping area and front entrance – closing it off means splitting up a home that is already short on space. Plus, with a kitchen that small, boxing things up will make the process of preparing a light snack feel more uncomfortable than enjoyable.

4. They Encourage You To Keep Your Kitchen Neat

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB
Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Architect: UPSTAIRS_

If you are a messy homeowner (tsk,tsk), having an open kitchen where everything is in plain sight probably sounds like a nightmare, but hey – perhaps it may just encourage you to be a tidier person. Just consider it a positive ‘trade-off’ for having a more open and welcoming abode.

Alternatively, you can invest in plenty of storage like overhead bins and tall cabinets (which are, incidentally, great for maximising square footage) to hide your extensive dinnerware collection. Either way, with an open kitchen your home is probably going to look neater moving forwards.

5. They Are Just More Convenient

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB
Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Interior Designer: Etherall

Even if you aren’t the type who entertains often, an open kitchen is a good thing to have because of the convenience it offers. For a start, the lack of barriers means you won’t be forced to take a detour every time you need to pass utensils or food from the kitchen to the dining area, and vice versa.

Incidentally, open kitchens are also one of the most practical spots to eat in (provided that you have a dining space nearby or within them) as you will be eating right next to where you will be cooking and washing up.

6. It Gives You More Flexibility In Your Layout

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB
Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Interior Designer: Ciseern

It’s no secret that open spaces are more flexible than closed-off areas when it comes to space-planning. The absence of dividers means you won’t be held back when it’s time to decide the furniture placement in your kitchen, or using it for purposes other than cooking, dining and cleaning up.

In this modest two-room apartment suite, an open floor plan gives rise to unimpeded movement and an unbroken line of sight in not just the kitchen, but also the dining and living areas – thus making the entire home seem larger and more open than it actually is.

7. Your Kitchen Doesn’t Have To Be Completely Exposed

Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB
Open Kitchen Concepts in HDB

Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue Interior

Even though open-concept cooking spaces have clear advantages over closed kitchens, it’s perfectly understandable that not every homeowner needs or wants one. Having said that, it’s not unrealistic to have your cake and eat it.

You can have a combination of both layouts within your home – just like this sleek, semi-open kitchen designed by Fifth Avenue Interior, which comes with an ungated entrance and a half-exposed island for the best of both worlds.

Don’t be shy about opening up!

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