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Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

March 7, 2017

Whether you work from home or just need an area to sort out your bills and mails, a home office that is chic, stylish and functional will make the task a lot more comfortable and even inspire productivity. Here are some ideas on how you can convert that extra space into a chic home office.

1. Work with a View

Hate the idea of being stuck facing an empty wall? Why not give yourself an office with a view? Plan your workspace in front of a window so you can take five while enjoying the view outside. Opt to have blinds like this homeowner for more privacy or focus.

Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity
Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

Interior Designer: DistinctIDentity
Location: Bukit Batok

2. Share Space With Your Walk-in Wardrobe

Modelled after a five-star hotel bedroom, this home office shares a space inside the master bedroom for convenience. The homeowner went with a partition between the room and home office to create a division of space for rest and work.

Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates
Location: Woodlands Drive

3. Break The Serious Vibe

Love how glass panels surround this home office so you don’t feel boxed in! Proper cabinets allow for organised storage while display shelves with fun keepsakes give this home office a playful and relaxed vibe.

Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

Interior Designer: The Scientist
Location: Skyville @ Dawson

Another home office with a fun vibe – open cabinets double up as display cases for this homeowner’s action figures. An all-white theme makes the home office “brighter” and more relaxed.

Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

Interior Designer: Asolidplan
Location: Trillant

4. Stay Focused With A Neat Desk

Nothing like mess to clutter up a work desk and your mind! So keep your home office clutter free – like this homeowner – with a minimalist design: Just a simple wooden top that doubles up as a desk, minimum display items and a glass cabinet to keep your books and files in sight and organised.

Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

Interior Designer: Prozfile Design
Location: Waterbay

5. For The Family

A workspace for all to use? Sure – keep it simple and organised to suit all needs and requirements. Here, the homeowner used wood as finishing for a relaxed and homely space. Make sure to include plenty of shelves and cabinets so that everyone has a personal space of their own. If possible, let natural light in for a more comfortable environment during the day.

Home Offices That Will Inspire Productivity

Interior Designer: Blackjack Interior
Location: Merryn Road

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