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How a Smart TV Completes Your Home’s Entertainment Setup

Now you can optimise your viewing experience (Netflix included!) even in a small apartment.

It’s hard to beat that thrill you feel when you’re immersed in your favourite flicks. And one of the best ways to get that experience is through a big screen. But, as you may have heard, there’s a direct correlation between the screen and room size: the bigger you go, the larger your space needs to be.

There’s a workaround for that in the form of OLED TVs. Unlike LCD screens, each pixel in an OLED TV is capable of being switched on or off individually. In turn, that translates to a greater sense of depth and stunning contrast no matter how wide or tight your room is.

smart tv singapore
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But that’s just barely scratching the surface. There are a bunch of other important considerations to note, which you can find out more about below!

1. Pick out one that optimises your visual space

When working with a small space, cutting down visual clutter is always a must. Of course, it goes without saying that your home’s entertainment setup is included.

An alternative like Sony’s BRAVIA OLED A8H works best in this scenario. Sporting an ultra-slim, one-slate design, it can be easily propped up on its in-built metal blade stand to recreate the suspended look. Only this time, it’s almost invisible when viewed from the side!

There’s even a concealed holder (built in the back of the TV) that’ll help you nix the biggest eyesore of them all – wire clutter.

smart tv singapore
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Photo credit: Builders Plus

It’s designed with narrow metal bezels too, with the screen meeting the edge of the TV. That means you get the maximum screen size with no wasted space on features! So really, you can slide it into your room without making it seem crowded.

2. Check on the picture quality

There’s nothing quite like watching heart-pounding, fast-paced action play out in crystal clarity. But that’s where it gets tricky for mini living rooms because the closer you’re sitting to the TV, the more likely that the pictures come off as blurry/grainy.

With Sony’s BRAVIA OLED A8H, you’ll never run into that problem. Equipped with the very same processor used to power Sony’s 8K TV, the X1™ Ultimate Picture Processor analyses and processes image data to bring out peak brightness and pure blacks, no matter what you’re viewing or the platform you’re watching it on.

smart tv singapore
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Photo credit: Builders Plus

Coupled with Pixel Contrast Booster and X-Motion Clarity™ technology, scenes take on a vibrant, lifelike look without stutter. There’s even a special Netflix Calibrated Mode that allows you to stream shows in their original quality. This way, you always get to catch every detail as it all unfolds, close proximity or not!

3. Pay attention to the sound quality

Since sound is also part of the entertainment in a movie, it’s important to get it right too. But there’s the inherent problem in these flat screen options: Nothing sounds super resonant. Obviously, soundbars and speakers can be used to fix the issue, but they defeat the purpose of owning a space-saving TV.

smart tv singapore
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Photo credit: Builders Plus

With Sony’s BRAVIA OLED A8H, there’s no need for a separate speaker setup. Not only is it boosted with Dolby Atmos, the screen doubles as a speaker, meaning that you get premium audio that’s always in sync with your pictures. And that’s a huge plus if you are looking to recreate the multi-dimensional cinematic experience in a tight space!

4. Select the one with almost zero set up

Because space is such a premium, it’s likely that your TV will end up next to the window. And, unless you get up to dim down the lights or manually adjust the TV, you’ll end up with very washed out pictures.

smart tv singapore
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In this regard, Sony’s BRAVIA OLED A8H makes viewing easy with its Ambient Optimisation technology. This innovative feature optimises your picture brightness and sound quality to your room’s condition automatically. No matter what time of the day it is or the placement of your setup, you’re always getting the best visual and audio experience – just grab your snacks, sit back and relax.

The ideal home entertainment setup starts with Sony’s BRAVIA OLED A8H

Great picture quality and premium sound packed into a slim one-slate design, Sony’s BRAVIA OLED A8H recreates the theatre experience, even for those living in a small flat.
Now available in two sizes, 55- and 65-inches, starting from $4,099!

Click here to learn more

*Disclaimer: Price stated is accurate at the time of writing.

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