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How Are 3- and 4-Room Alkaff (Bidadari) Flat Layouts Unique?

March 19, 2020

If you think they’re cookie-cutter, these differences from other BTO flats will change your mind.

Bidadari has been widely touted by many to be a great location to live at, with some even calling it the “next Bishan” because of its impressive amenities (three MRT stations and an underground bus interchange).

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

But that’s not all that's worth mentioning about this up-and-coming neighbourhood because some of the 3- and 4-room units at the Alkaff LakeView and Alkaff CourtView developments are pretty unique in their own right. Let’s take a look at what makes them different!

1. Most units don’t follow the ‘standard flow’ for BTO flats

In recent developments, the ‘standard flow’ (think ‘L-shape’) for 3- and 4-room BTO homes start with the main entrance on the side of the unit, and there's the usual walkway that runs across various rooms at the sides before ending at the master bedroom.

Here's what it looks like:

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

Source: HDB

While there are a couple of 3- and 4-room homes in the Alkaff LakeView and CourtView developments that come with the standard layout described above, most of the other units have this bi-directional floor plan instead:

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB
Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

Source: HDB

See the difference? Instead of being along a common corridor, the bedrooms in these units are located at both ends of the flat, with the living room occupying the centre of the house.

Bedok North Street 2 by Tan Studio

Interior Firm: Tan Studio

One advantage of this layout is the possibility of achieving a larger, open concept communal space by hacking through one (or even both) of the bedrooms to the left or right of the living room. While this isn’t a ground-breaking idea, the opportunity to expand an HDB flat’s living room on any side doesn’t come along often.

Sumang Walk by The Local INN.terior 新家室

That said, not everything is roses. Depending on your dining table’s position as well as its size, it can be hard to achieve good flow even in a 4-room flat. Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround like in the case of this Sumang Walk BTO home.

By building in a dining table/breakfast counter that’s zoned within an open-concept kitchen, you can avoid congestion along your home’s main walkway.

Sumang Walk by The Local INN.terior 新家室

2. Some of them come with living room balconies too

Alkaff LakeView homeowners who’ve gotten a 3- or 4-room home with a more run-of-the-mill layout, don’t be disappointed just yet. Based on HDB’s storey floor plan, there are a handful of units that come with a balcony (specifically, one 3-room and 4-room unit each for every upper floor of block 118A).

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB
Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

Source: HDB

While that’s just an extra 4 sqm of space as compared to other block 118A homes with a near-identical layout (sans balcony, of course), it does come with a view of the nearby Alkaff Lake. Time to install a garden wall or set up an outdoor cosy corner perhaps?

Tampines Street 32 by Fifth Avenue Interior

Interior Firm: Fifth Avenue Interior

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3. There are units that come with a ‘better-than-usual’ view

Although they certainly aren’t the frameless, full-height panes out of a high-rise dweller’s dream, the window fixtures for 3- and 4-room units at Alkaff LakeView and CourtView are larger than usual as they have been extended a little to the side, thus giving you a (slightly) improved view of the outside.

And just in case you were wondering, here’s what they look like in real life:

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

Source: HDB

So, if you’re blessed with a good view, considering adding a window seat with added storage, like the owners of this airy home did.

Anchorvale Road by The Roomakers

Interior Firm: The Roomakers

4. It's possible to build not one, but two flexible living spaces

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

Given that there are two bathrooms at each end of the house – you could consider creating two separate living zones, one for yourself and the other for your parents/kids. Or you could even consider furnishing and renting out one half of your home in the future!

Alkaff Crescent by Zenith Arc
Alkaff Crescent by Zenith Arc

Interior Firm: Zenith Arc

How about Alkaff Oasis?

Alkaff LakeView CourtView BTO HDB

Compared to LakeView (completed in December last year) and CourtView (which is TOP-ing soon in June 2020!), the Alkaff Oasis development will be undergoing construction until the end of this year. And sadly, its 3-, 4-room and also 5-room units all feature the ‘standard’ BTO layout.

But on the bright side, we’ve got a couple of BTO flat examples that’ll help you work out the cost and look of your future home makeover (OR if you need help with a unique layout, let us know!):

A 3-room flat at Upper Aljunied Lane (Renovation Cost: $27,000)

Upper Aljunied Lane by Meter Square

Interior Firm: Meter Square

Get in touch with Meter Square!

A 4-room flat at Upper Aljunied Lane (Renovation Cost: $38,000)

Upper Aljunied Lane by The Interior Place

Interior Firm: The Interior Place

Get in touch with The Interior Place!

A 4-room flat at Bidadari Park Drive (Renovation Cost: $44,000)

Bidadari Park Drive by Inizio Atelier

Interior Firm: Inizio Atelier

Get in touch with Inizio Atelier!

A 5-room flat at Alkaff Crescent (Renovation Cost: $50,000)

Alkaff Crescent by Swiss Interior Design

Interior Firm: Swiss Interior Design

Get in touch with Swiss Interior Design!

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