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Hacking of Walls

False Ceiling

Electrical Re-wiring

Feature Walls

Paint Job


The Skywoods

Condo | 1 rooms | 60m²

S$ 30,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
6 weeks

Design Fees

5 Reviews

Ms Claire, Choa Chu Kang

My colleague is actually the wife of the ID at Artmuse Interior and actually introduced us when we told her about our plans for interior design. We actually saw his work and he invited us into his home to see the worksmanship as he was the one who did his own designing and construction for his home. I really liked that he wasn't pushy unlike the other IDs I had contacted. He was very honest in that he didnt recommend anything we didnt need and focused to work within out budget. I could really tell that they were not simply about making a profit. Such an example is when when a quote was returned to us by the other IDs, we wanted to take out a few items as it wasn't within our budget and revise the quote. The other ID's actually revised the prices of the other items in the quotation that we did not take out after factoring the reduction in the things to be done. Artmuse actually didn't do any of that and simply took out the standalone price of the products or services not needed. It was very pleasant working with them and and they always keep us updated. They also work very fast, within 6 short weeks and even after the work was done, they continued to come and check on the completed product to check for any defects. Another thing that's commendable is that he was willing to work with my father who is also a contractor that does overlaying. I didnt know this but apparently you need to apply for a license when doing overlaying work and they actually helped us to include the overlaying in the license when applying for their own, saving us cost and time if my father had done it instead. He even helped us to buy lights on taobao and we found out that some of the screws they included was the wrong size. They went the extra mile by sourcing and finding the replacement screws for them. I really commend them for a job well done. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would, but since 5 is the limit, I would give them 5 stars out of 5. I would say that the one thing they could have improved on was to actually have an office to come to for customers like me, but I understand that was quite long ago and they have an office now so there actually is no problem. Renovation completed in August 2016 Cost of Renovations: $26,000

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Mr Philip

I have been a customer of Artmuse Interiors before and I actually chose them because of the ID that came from another company before working in Artmuse Interiors. I guess I am comfortable with them because of past experiences and therefore chose to work with them. It was a pleasant experience and there wasnt many problems in their service and it was prompt and efficient. Renovations completed on June 2017 Cost of Renovations: $50,000

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Mr Edwin, Punggol

Being refered by a friend who was an ex-colleague at Artmuse Interiors, we compared them to the different IDs and in the end we decided to go ahead with Artmuse after much consideration. When we first met, the designers were very creative in their designs and they showed much effort in the work that they did. They provided examples and lots of samples to help us make the decision. They were very responsive and reacts to comments very quickly. They felt confident and experienced in their work as they carried themselves well. One thing that was commendable is that the ID actually came down and inspected the renovations after they were completed. There were some minor defects that I actually had no problem with, but he actually took it upon himself point out the issues and repair them where applicable. Though I have to say I was looking for more physical confirmations such as finished designs so that I can actually see what the final product might look like rather than on rough sketches. That would have helped to ease my worries. Renovations Completed on June 2017 Cost of Renovations: $30,000

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Ms Jamie, Whampoa

I knew the ID from a while back as he was my client. After knowing him for so many years, I found him to be trustworthy and decided to go through with Artmuse. The process was very smooth and there were no issues. The only issue I had was that last time when I was working with them, they didnt have an office so it made it harder to view some of their products or materials. Otherwise it was good and a very smooth process Renovations Completed on May 2016 Cost of Renovations: $50,000

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Dr Namazie, Thomson Road, near Mediacorp

I saw the showroom along balestier road was actually was quite attracted to their designs so I actually went in and had a chat with them. Overall they had a reasonable quotation and the interior designer was quite experienced and knew what was required. They were good but a bit slow possibly due to the fact that they hired quite a number of sub contractors. They were probably at the mercy of the sub contractors resulting in the lack of coordination and overall slow worksmanship. Renovations completed on May 2017 Cost of Renovation: $30,000

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