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How To Pick The Right Washing Machine

December 7, 2016

Want to buy a washing machine but aren't sure whether to go with front loaders or top loaders? Read this to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of both washers.

The Amount Of Space You Have At Home

Top load washers aren't stackable as compared to front loaders. Front loaders are a better pick if you are tight on space.

How To Pick The Right Washing Machine

Ways to display or conceal your appliance

For homes without a service yard, it's show or conceal. Take a leaf from these interiors and see how they smoothly incorporated these bulky appliances into their kitchen decor.

How To Pick The Right Washing Machine

Water Usage

When it comes to water usage, the traditional top loading washing machine is at a huge disadvantage. It uses thrice as much water as its counterpart. On the other hand, front loaders save money on water usage. In addition, they are also energy-efficient. The less water used during a cycle, the less energy required to heat and pump the water.

Loading/Unloading Laundry

Both loading and unloading can be tricky. As far as top loaders are concerned, loading is piece of cake. You can toss all the clothes without bending. However, it can be pretty difficult to unload the machine if you have short arms. On the other hand, front-load washers don't require that users have long hands; however, both loading and unloading require bending/squatting.

How To Pick The Right Washing Machine

Gentleness on clothes

Top loaders are to blame for early wear and tear on clothing due to the agitators they use. Central agitators available in top loaders can be harsh on clothes. Front loaders, on the other hand, don't use agitators. They offer a much gentler approach when it comes to washing. Their washing system is more similar to hand washing, i.e. moving clothes up and down. Not to mention, it appears they are better at stain removal than top loaders. Top loaders use a pole-style agitator that only moves clothes around whereas front loaders can also use gravity to swish clothes up and down. The more clothes are tossed around, the better they get cleaned.

How To Pick The Right Washing Machine


(Yes, if you didn’t know you have to clean your washing machine!) Both front loaders and top loaders are easy to clean. They can be disinfected with a little vinegar and baking soda. You just need to set your machine at the hottest setting, add some baking soda or mild detergent to the detergent compartment and let it do all the hard work. However, it may take more time to clean your top loader than your front loader. For a top loader, you may have to pause the machine so that the cleaning mixture you use can dissolve, and then go back to it and restart the machine, running it at its hottest setting again. Many modern top loaders have their own sanitise programs, so this may not be a problem.

How To Pick The Right Washing Machine
Our take: If you are looking to minimise the use of water and energy consumption, a front loader works better. Judging from the photos of the various homes in Singapore, seems like our vote resonates with most Singaporeans.

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