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Is the Writing on the Wall for the TV Feature Wall Trend?

Will TV feature walls fade out as a trend? Or is there still room to grow?

Generally speaking, interior design trends are great for homes. Subway tiles? They’ll add a clean, polished aesthetic to your personal bathroom retreat. Minimalism? It ensures a clutter-free look. So, sure! But like all things currently in vogue, you’ll eventually see less of these popular features/concepts after they start showing up in everyone’s homes.

Yishun Avenue 4 by Charlotte's Carpentry
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View this project by Charlotte's Carpentry

And one trend that (clearly) has had its time in the sun is none other than the TV feature wall. Instead of creating a focal point with dramatic colours, faux brick or impressive built-ins, more homeowners these days are leaning towards the simpler, fuss-free pairing of a TV console and a mono-coloured wall.

That said, even though we’re seeing less TV feature walls in living rooms, we believe they still have (plenty of) staying power. Here are our reasons, plus proof from 11 homes!

Anchorvale Road by The Roomakers
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View this project by The Roomakers

Probably one of the biggest reasons why more Singaporean homeowners are choosing to skip the TV feature wall in their renovations is because it’s often perceived as a decorative add-on, rather than a practical necessity – which, while mostly true, isn’t always the case.

When space comes at a premium – like in the case of this petite 55 square metre HDB home in Anchorvale – a TV feature wall can come in handy when it’s built (correctly) as a cosy reading corner with its own bookshelves as well as a pull-out table and seats.

Woodlands Drive by The Local INN.terior
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View this project by The Local INN.terior

Neither pegboards nor TV feature walls are new design elements, but when you put the two together, you get a living room highlight that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, when you have a home that’s as eclectic as this Woodlands Drive apartment, it’s the perfect accent to have in place because it conveys character while also helping your storage plans.

The Inspira by Carpenters 匠
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View this project by Carpenters 匠

Have an awkwardly-angled wall close to your home’s entryway and living room? Here’s what you can do: kill two birds by building a joint TV wall/shoe cabinet that fits perfectly over the slant of a wall protrusion, just like the designers of this freshly-revamped resale condominium apartment did.

The Seaview by Habit
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This monochrome home’s feature wall is yet another example of how to deal with awkward wall space in a small area. By using the same dark wood laminates as the adjoining TV feature wall, the designers kept the entryway as well as the rest of the surroundings from looking too empty.

Parc Elegance by i. Haven Design
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Parc Elegance by i. Haven Design
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View this project by i. Haven Design

If you wish to add a classy touch to your rooms, why not consider getting a marble-look feature wall? For a more pocket-friendly alternative to using a slab of real, natural stone, you can dress up a feature wall with laminates instead, and while you’re at it, there’s also the option of equipping it with a revolving panel so your TV can be shared between two zones.

One Robin by Mr Shopper Studio
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

Another reason that you won’t be seeing feature walls disappearing from homes too soon is the ease of incorporating currently popular décor trends into their designs. In this Japanese-inspired 4-bedder condominium apartment, sections of ribbed wood are incorporated into a living room TV wall’s structure to give it a classic look.

Sumang Walk by Fuse Concept
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Functionality aside, there’s also a case to be made about feature walls still having room to grow, specifically, in the design department. For instance, you’ve seen nothing yet if you haven’t yet taken a look at this industrial-inspired home at Sumang Walk and its unique feature wall that makes use of corrugated sheets as an unconventional cladding.

Punggol Drive by Mr Shopper Studio
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

Here’s even more proof that feature wall designs aren’t just limited to wood and marble/natural stones – in this lively Punggol home, an arched cut-out with an embedded TV nicely incorporates a metallic frame as well as soft cushions that add a layered effect to the look of the entire structure.

Bedok North Street 4 by Fatema Design Studio
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View this project by Fatema Design Studio

While they’re rarely seen outside of kitchens/bathrooms and on surfaces such as backsplashes, graphic tiles are a feasible choice of cladding for TV feature walls (and also, evidence that there are still more ways to spin the look). For an example, look no further than this fancy Bedok North HDB flat!

Sol Acres by Noble Interior Design
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Sol Acres by Noble Interior Design
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View this project by Noble Interior Design

If a themed home is on the cards for your renovation plans, like in the case of this family who wished to incorporate Noah’s Ark into their flat’s design, you can make a big impact by building in a three-dimensional feature wall. Not only will this approach lead to a more dynamic living room, but it’s also a great way to bring any concepts you have in mind to life.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Space Atelier
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Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Space Atelier
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View this project by Space Atelier

Finally, another big plus in favour for having a feature wall is that it can come in handy for camouflaging a storeroom and/or an HDB flat’s household shelter (both of which could cramp your home’s style). This example found in a Bukit Batok West home does just that while giving height to the living area with its vertical shiplap planks.

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