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Labour of Love Behind Friska's Impressive HDB Maisonette

After a 2.5-year wait, Friska and Ben landed a home in a neigbourhood they have always yearned to live in. But all was not smooth when it comes to their home renovation, until she took it upon herself and make sure things go as planned.

Using a simple all-white backdrop, the mummy Instagrammer find ways to inject personal and unique touches to her home as she embark on DIY home décor projects for a prettier space. Find out what went behind the thoughts behind her labour of love in her HDB maisonette.

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Qanvast: Your house is really beautiful! What were your thoughts behind your home design.

Friska (F): Personally, I really like the black and white monochrome theme. But ever since Elora entered into my life, I designed the house based on what she would like and the environment I want her to grow up in. Elora’s my pride and joy, and I want her to grow up in a happy place. Pink is a colour that suits Elora, hence you see doses of pink around the house.

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The ground floor is where Elora’s play corner is and where we do most of our chores and family activities. I want guests to sense Elora’s presence even when she is not around, but at the same time the ‘kiddy’ vibe should not dominate the interior. There needs to be a balance of the pink hues and the ‘grown-up’ look. Our bedroom, study and bathroom has the ‘grown-up- vibe.

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The spaces must be open and safe for our daughter, Elora, to run around. I replaced the stair handrails from vertical grilles to diagonal ones, opted for round-edge corners for furniture and storage spaces. We also opened up a part of the kitchen so that I can keep an eye on her while I’m busy in the kitchen.

Qanvast: A home to you is…

F: A home should revolve around what we like and our needs. We kept to a clean white palette and minimise any built-in carpentry so that we can refresh the décor easily on our own.

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Qanvast: Where do you get your furniture and décor from?

F: The décor were mainly from online sites from Australia and IKEA. Furniture and lightings wise, I got it from places like Castlery and Cluster Cluster.

For the bed in Elora’s bedroom, I had it shipped from my hometown in Indonesia. The shipping itself costs more than the customisation due to its size. Now, Elora loves to swing and climb her bed.

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Qanvast: We couldn’t stop admiring the little décor you have done for Elora. Which is the most prized or special craft project?

F: The tent in the living room (laughs). We designed the living room based on that centerpiece, and that tent alone took me 3 days to work on it. Elora loves sleeping in the tent, it makes me feel like my hard work is being appreciated and it’s worth it.

Qanvast: What made you venture into DIY?

F: Personally I’m interested in DIY craft. Furthermore, kids furniture and clothes are expensive and it’s not easy to find something I like and reasonably-priced. It doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds on them and the next moment, they have outgrown it.

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This spurred me to DIY a hanging rack that’s grows with Elora. With that, I can adjust the height with her growth, and at the same time, instill discipline whereby Elora can dress and hang her clothes by herself.

Qanvast: Do share your secret in making the rack.

F: After deciding the measurements for the rack, I bought the copper pipes from a hardware shop near my place. Copper pipes need a lot of preparation and care so that it doesn’t oxidise. To prime it, have to sand it first and make sure the oxidized parts are clean, and spray it with anti-rust spray. Then thread through a long thin rope into the pipes and you’re done!

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Qanvast: Where is your favourite corner?

F: Elora’s bedroom definitely; that room holds a special meaning to us, and it’s where our family bonds together every night. Elora also loves her room, which explains the effort I’ve put into designing it. Every now and then, I’ll refresh the décor to inject freshness, or even try out new colours for Elora to be exposed with. Elora loves the unique touches and welcome the changes I made to her room.

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