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Look Inside This Local Design Firm’s New Atelier in the West

Homeowners who are visiting Space Atelier’s new showroom at Alexandra are in for a visual treat.

The local interior design firm recently made their foray into the Western region of Singapore by establishing a new 700 square feet meet-up spot for both homeowners and designers alike – one with an impressive centrepiece in the form of a “tree-like structure”, which links the entire showroom together.

Space Atelier Showroom Alexandra
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To find out more, we sat down with one its co-founders, Jonathan Kuok, for a quick chat to find out what went on behind the scenes during the construction of the firm’s new base of operations, and how it’s designed to showcase the very best that Space Atelier has to offer.

Space Atelier Showroom Alexandra
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Qanvast: Nice to meet you, Jonathan! Before we begin, could you briefly tell us about yourself and Space Atelier?

Jonathan (J): I have always had a passion for interior design, and I’ve been in the line for 16 years.

Space Atelier was set up by myself and my partner, Stanley, who specialises in designing commercial spaces – with the objective of building homes and retail spaces that offer the best returns on their (renovation) investment.

Qanvast: Could you tell us more about the concept and design of this new showroom?

J: During the brainstorming and design process, we kept two things in mind. One, that the final design shouldn’t look like your regular workshop or office; and two, that the structure of the space should appear organic, or almost natural, rather than rigid and stiff.

These requirements are why we have that tree-like structure in the centre of the showroom, which serves as a sitting area as well as a unique point of interest.

Space Atelier Showroom Alexandra
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Qanvast: What was the process of building this new showroom like?

J: Because there’s a high ceiling – close to 5 metres, I believe – we decided to make use of it by constructing a loft, which also happens to be a design feature that plenty of private homes have these days to maximise vertical space.

However, looking at it in terms of square footage, the space is about the size of a compact studio unit – which made it a challenge to fit in experience zones representing different home areas, like the living area, kitchen, and bedroom.

Space Atelier Showroom Alexandra
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Qanvast: Out of all the other places in Singapore, why choose Alexandra as the location for this new showroom?

J: Alexandra Central, the shopping mall which we’re in, is relatively new and because of that we felt that it’s a good place to plant our roots in the West. Plus, it’s a convenient location for clients to drop by. The surrounding areas, like Queensway, are also heavily populated, and there’s an IKEA there that draws in the crowd too.

Qanvast: In what ways is the design of this new showroom different from its Tai Seng counterpart?

J: Similar to how we approach client work, we never use the same ideas or concepts for a new project, unless requested to. And that’s because, every homeowner has different needs and requirements.

So, for this new space, we took a fresh approach in creating its design as much as possible, mainly by incorporating modern-contemporary elements that help differentiate it from our Tai Seng showroom’s industrial look.

Space Atelier Showroom Alexandra
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Qanvast: On the flip side, in what ways are both showrooms similar to each other?

J: Because they are spaces which we use to display the best that we offer, the experience zones in our showrooms are designed with quality in mind and are outfitted with first-rate materials and fittings for realistic demonstrations.

Other than using Caesarstone for the countertops, we also installed hinges, sliding tracks, and other opening mechanisms from Häfele for the carpentry works.

Space Atelier Showroom Alexandra
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Qanvast: Last but not least, are there any other interesting details about the new showroom that you’d like to point out?

J: If you notice, the (store)front is angled where our signboard is. We designed it that way, so it would subtly draw the attention of passers-by! [chuckles]

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