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Make an Entrance with These 8 Refreshing Entryway Ideas

April 9, 2020

Wowed upon entry.

Small as it may be compared to a regular bedroom, the entryway plays an unexpectedly big role in setting the mood for the rest of your home. Not only is it an area that you’ll inevitably go past day in day out, it’s also the first space that your friends and family will enter when they come over.

Tanjong Katong Road by The Design Abode

Interior Firm: The Design Abode

But how exactly do you create a welcoming entrance that’ll impress everyone? Well, you don’t have to look far: These standout examples from 8 real-life homes have the answer(s).

1. When it comes to ensuring (and presenting) a home as a tidy space, there’s nothing better than having sufficient storage – just like the entryway of this contemporary home proves.

Rochester by EHKA Studio

Interior Firm: EHKA Studio

Hidden behind rows of wood-clad panels are cabinets that keep the walkway tidy and clutter-free by providing ample storage space. It also helps that the panels come together to form a statement-making feature wall!

2. We all know for a fact that square footage doesn’t come cheap in Singapore, so if you are leaving in a compact apartment, do consider stealing this multi-storage carpentry idea.

Gardenvista by i Chapter

Interior Firm: i Chapter

Making efficient use of (otherwise) dead space in a corner of the entryway, this settee-cum-concealed storage unit kills two birds with a single stone, taking care of both your space and storage woes at the same time.

3. Much like the examples above, the entryway of this homey contemporary style flat incorporates useful storage as part of its design. There’s a small twist, however.

Sengkang East Avenue by Charlotte's Carpentry

Interior Firm: Charlotte's Carpentry

A conveniently-placed niche embedded in the centre of the cabinetry makes it easy for home occupants to pull on their shoes on their way out, in addition to serving as a cosy retreat.

4. If you aren’t keen on making an already-small entryway feel even more cramped, or wish to save the space for something else, you can always ‘expand’ your entryway into other home areas – the seamless look makes your home ‘larger’ visually.

Fernvale Road by The Interior Lab

Interior Firm: The Interior Lab

This wood-look home makes use of additional storage space beneath its floating cabinets as a storage area for shoes – a clever (if not unconventional) idea, don’t you think?

5. Bringing in simple motifs or patterns is a classic (read: proven) way of making a space look more interesting. And this rule-of-thumb applies for entryways as well, as seen in this well-coordinated apartment.

Jurong West Street 61 by SHE Interior

Interior Firm: SHE Interior

Here, a herringbone floor draws the eye with a simple, but effective graphic punch. The effect is then replicated in the kitchen and backsplash for added visual continuity.

6. At first sight, it’s hard to believe that this tranquil passageway in a Choa Chu Kang apartment was once a dark ‘balcony’.

entryway ideas home

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To achieve this, the homeowners hacked down a wall, turning the extended ‘kitchen’ into one giant entryway. The living areas are then partitioned off by walls of see-through glass that give it a bright and open feel. Meanwhile, an assortment of potted plants enhances the space with a decorative touch that is both green and on-trend.

7. Interior design firm DISTINCTidENTITY gave this entryway the colourful treatment by coating the front door in a deep emerald green.



But that’s not the only colour update! The home’s bright yellow furniture and navy blue accent wall also helping to make this home a unique and unforgettable one.

8. Sometimes less is simply more. In this condominium, vibrant artwork, set against a backdrop of wooden features, makes for a bold statement that will surely catch the eye of anyone who sets foot indoors.

One Robin by Mr Shopper Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

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