Maximalism, Straight Off The Runway And Into Your Home 19

Maximalism, Straight Off The Runway And Into Your Home

April 20, 2017

Off the runway and right into our homes, maximalism is taking over - and we're digging it! Loud prints, pattern on pattern and lots of texture, let's just say there's no such thing as too much (when done tastefully, of course!). Also, when it comes to decor, apply the same logic... more is more!

Here are 7 eye-boggling homes that embrace the maximalist philosophy.

1. On top of going full out wood for that quaint Scandi-country appeal, every corner of this warm, homey space has been adorned with some form of decor. These homeowners manage to keep their home looking "full" without appearing cluttered; a successful balancing act!

Interior Designer: HomeVista
Location: Bukit Batok
Cost of Renovation: $70,000

2. A modern treasure trove for your eyes to run over, and over, and over again - trinkets, curios, sculptures and striking pieces of Surrealist art works litter this whimsical, care-free space, that's been effortlessly strewn together.

Interior Designer: Design Chapterz
Location: Chai Chee
Cost of Renovation: $120,000

3. A kaleidoscope of colours, this bright, zesty space is sure to inspire creativity and jog your imagination. From tiny teal, diamond tiles that creep along the wall as a backdrop for the TV, to the pastel motif running across the built-in carpentry, each feature bursts with invigorating cheer.

Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Location: Riversails
Cost of Renovation: $55,000

4. Wire meshes, a raw brick wall, exposed wiring, and rugged, dark grain wood? This industrial pad spares no detail. Injecting bright pops of colour to break away from the darker theme, it manages to pull off the maximalist look, without being overbearing!

Interior Designer: The Local INN.terior
Location: Edgedale Plains
Cost of Renovation: $65,000

5. Metallic sheens turn up the heat, adding some glimmer, glitz and a whole lot of glam, while fur and animal print throws and covers imbue this wondrous space with a luxurious, indulgent air we could all use a bit of!

Interior Designer:
Location: Bartley Residence
Cost of Renovation: $58,000

6. Loud patterns and prints collide in a bold move, creating a edgy, dynamic interplay. This attention-grabbing, eye-catching, and almost shocking interior is a sure show-stopper choreographed masterfully by its creators.

Interior Designer: The Scientist
Location: Eastwood Green

7. Very curvy, topsy-turvy. Here's what we call a minimal maximalist approach where you take one element, and really go BIG, or go home. This impressive interior, unlike anything we've ever seen, takes our breath away with its ethereal quality brought about by its well-lit organic curvatures.

Architect: LATO
Location: D'Leedon
Cost of Renovation: $200,000

Bring On The Maximalism

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