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Must-Have Home Improvement Buys to Get You Move-In Ready!

Inexpensive solutions that’ll help you keep your home in tip-top condition.

Ask any homeowner, and they’ll tell you the same thing: Getting the home move-in ready, post-renovation, is no easy feat. Chances are, you’ll need to include various add-ons like mirrors, racks, or shelves, but missed the golden opportunity to ask your ID for help. Drilling the walls for your projects will also leave behind debris, which you’ll need to clear for furniture.

And after clearing away the debris comes the process of moving the furniture in, which can often leave your brand-new surfaces scratched up. Sounds like a nightmare to deal with, right?

renovation move in singapore
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Source: Scotch

Well, now you don't! The solution comes in the form of Scotch® home improvement tools. These stick-ons are so easy to apply, getting your home ready will be all the more hassle-free.

Work your vertical space | Scotch® Super Heavy Duty VHB™ Mounting Tape

Space is a premium in Singapore, and it’s an undeniable fact. To make the most of your (limited) square footage, hope comes in the form of wall-mounted shelves and racks for storage and display purposes. However, getting them hung up can be fairly demanding. Not only does drilling leave you with a huge mess, you’ll also have to make sure that there are no existing pipes or electrical cables for obvious reasons.

So, unless you’re willing to seek help from professional handymen, we’d recommend Scotch® Super Heavy Duty VHB™ Mounting Tape. And it’s all designed to ensure that your wall and window surfaces can be optimised – made with an “energy absorbing” acrylic foam, the tape has stress-relaxing properties for durability and performance that’s a cut above the rest.

renovation move in singapore
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Scotch® Home Improvement Tools

Produced with a patented technology, the tapes are highly versatile and can be stuck on the roughest of surfaces to the smoothest of tiles. They’re also moisture- and fatigue-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Most importantly, Scotch® Super Heavy Duty Mounting Tape has specialised strengths for different surfaces, materials and weather/temperature.

Remember how tough it is to secure welcome signs because of the rain and uneven wall? Well, all that’s moot – you can bypass all your mounting woes with the weather-resistant Scotch® VHB™ Rough Uneven Mounting Tape.

renovation move in singapore
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Scotch® Super Heavy Duty Mounting Tape for Rough & Uneven Surfaces - $10.45 | Usual Price: $11.60

Even hanging up items in the humid kitchen and bathroom is now possible! The Scotch® VHB™ Heat Resistant Mounting Tape has a temperature limit of up to 180° for a seamless, but no less permanent, application.

renovation move in singapore
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To move in your bulky furniture | Scotch® Sliders and Scotch® Felt Pads

Since you’ve already spent so much on your flooring, the last thing you need is for dents and dings to appear as you’re moving your sofa and tables in. Even with the help of delivery personnel, getting them from point A to B is going to be a challenge. Its why sliders are a must – and these self-stick ones from Scotch® come with a slick surface that guarantees a smoother glide. No matter the flooring or carpet, it’ll stay scuff-free.

renovation move in singapore
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Scotch® Sliders - S$5.02 | Usual Price: $5.90

Prefer to keep your layout flexible with standalone pieces? Dragging them around can leave your flooring with scratches too. As a preventative measure, you can stick Scotch® Felt Pads on the legs of your furniture for a gentler contact point!

renovation move in singapore
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Scotch® Felt Pads – S$4.17 | Usual Price: $4.90

To keep your appliances in place | Scotch® Gripping Pads

Did you know that some appliances can actually damage your surfaces when in use? In fact, the washing machine’s the biggest culprit. Unless you have a self-correcting drum, an unbalanced load can cause the machine to vibrate, and that, in turn, damages your floor.

renovation move in singapore
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Scotch® Gripping Pads – S$4.17 | Usual Price: $4.90

To ensure that it all stays put, you’ll need a strong, no-slip hold, which you can get with Scotch® Gripping Pads. They come in a variety of sizes as well, so there’s one for every need.

To keep your cabinets in tip-top shape | Scotch® Bumpers

As permanent fixtures in the home, your built-ins are supposed to last you years. But, repetitive slamming can cause them to wear down quickly. It’s what makes soft-closing cabinets and drawers so popular nowadays.

renovation move in singapore
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Scotch® Bumpers – S$4.17 | Usual Price: $4.90

Fret not if you didn’t get them for your home, here’s a win-win solution: You can replicate the effect with the help of Scotch® Bumpers. Their easy-to-apply, stick-on designs are totally discreet, and inexpensive – sounds like a must-have!

Protecting your surfaces has never been so easy with the help of Scotch® Brand.

Remember that prevention is always better than the cure. Rather than restoring your surfaces, keeping your home in tip-top condition should be the priority. With Scotch® Home Improvement Tools, your home’s surfaces, as well as furniture, will be kept in the best possible state.

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