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Nifty Ideas For His & Her Corners At Home

March 23, 2017

Owning your first home is a dream-come-true! You finally get to enjoy your privacy as a couple with your other half and more importantly have the final say in how you want to design your home. But trying to build a home where you can spend time together and bond over activities you both enjoy and set aside space where you can do things you enjoy by yourselves when you need time alone may be challenging.

We show you 4 ways to integrate His and Her corners seamlessly in any corner of your new abode so you and your partner can enjoy your favourite activities alone without leaving the house.

1. Island Table For Her, Bar Top For Him

Nifty Ideas For His & Her Corners At Home

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Make the most out of your kitchen space by merging an island table and bar top. While she bakes – mixing the batter, kneading the dough and sprinkling sprinkles over fresh cupcakes, he whiffs the warm scent of cookies wafting through the air, and appreciates some of the finer things in life – like a glass of signature Cabernet Sauvignon. Don’t forget to create ample storage for her favourite baking tools and his collection of liquor.

2. Reading Corner For Her, Home Office For Him

Nifty Ideas For His & Her Corners At Home

Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop

Build a space where you and your partner can immerse yourselves in separate tasks but be together in the same space. A library on one side, and a home office on the other - she takes refuge in her literary escapades while he ties up loose ends from work or sorts out bills. She can customise her reading nook with a cosy armchair, soft throws and a bay window while he indulges in his favourite tech gadgets and ergonomic chair.

3. Cubicles For Her, Hanging Space For Him

Nifty Ideas For His & Her Corners At Home

Interior Designer: 82

It’s tempting for ladies to fill up their spare-room-turned-walk-in-wardrobe with all their things but alas, they are obliged to share the space with their partner. Take one side of the room each and customise your wardrobes to differentiate between his and her corners. For her, opt for a row of cubicles on one half of your wardrobe to store bigger accessory items like your bags. For him, get an island storage for his accessories like cufflinks, ties and watches.

4. Vanity For Her, TV For Him

Nifty Ideas For His & Her Corners At Home

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

Got extra space in the master bedroom now that you’ve turned the room next door into a walk-in wardrobe? Get yourself a dressing table where you can put on skincare and makeup and fill it up with your latest beauty obsessions and look-good-feel-good essentials. And with a TV in the room, he doesn’t even have to get out of bed to whip out his XBOX or PS4 and charge straight into the battlefield of For Honour or down the shady streets of GTA’s open world – no complaints while waiting for her to get ready!

Bonus Tip!

Nifty Ideas For His & Her Corners At Home

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Play around with colours, textures and materials to differentiate between your space and his. Men tend to gravitate towards earthier and darker shades such as brown, grey and navy, and prefer more masculine and raw elements like leather and concrete, whereas soft pastel hues like cream and mint, and delicate fabrics like fur and silk are more popular with women.

_This article was written in collaboration with SingaporeBrides, a one-stop portal that caters to the needs of wedding couples with a comprehensive vendor directory, as well as articles and guides on wedding planning and post-wedding relationships.

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