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Private or Shared Space, These Items Will Make WFH Better

Doesn’t matter what your home office situation is like - we’ve got just the thing for you.

Do you have your own home office? Lucky you! Whether it’s because of large households or too-small houses, not everyone can have their own private working space. But whatever your WFH situation is, there are always ways to make the most out of what you’ve got. In this case, we’ve sorted out these easy-to-get items from Shopee into their uses to ensure that you’re always working at 100% efficiency.

WFH area: a private room or work area

If you have your own home office, you’re a fortunate one! You can set up your work area the way you like it without fear of disturbing anyone else. Here are some things to make full use of your space:

1. Computer base stand with USB ports | from $50.90

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Ever felt like your laptop doesn’t have enough USB ports? You’re not the only one, and that’s why this ingenious computer base is worthy of your consideration. It’s inbuilt with four USB ports, which is more than enough to plug in all your table accessories like your phone cables and desk fans.

Bonus: you can use it as a simple storage item as well, as there’s enough room below to stow your keyboard and notebooks away. It’s a pretty large item, but since you’ve got your own desk, you might as well make full use of it, right?

2. Fifine K669B Computer Microphone | $49.90

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Let’s face it – our headset or inbuilt computer microphones aren’t the best. And since you’ve got the space for it, consider getting an external microphone to dispel any concerns of shoddy audio quality.

If price is a concern, this particular Fifine microphone should do the trick. Judging from the rave reviews, it’s one microphone that’s well worth your money. It’s also really easy to use – all you need to do is to connect it to your computer via a USB port and you’re pretty much set.

3. Ring light | $28.50

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Not all home office areas are well-lit, but as you have your own private area, you can afford to amp up your room’s lighting with a ring light. This particular ring light only needs to be plugged into your computer via USB for it to work, and it also comes with 10 brightness modes so you can adjust whenever you need to

WFH area: a shared room area or work area

Here’s one for the people who share a work area with multiple people. No matter how much you love your WFH buddy, you’ll still need some peace and quiet. Check out these products from Shopee that can make your life a little easier while working from home.

1. Room dividers | $13

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If you need to share your work area with someone else, using a room divider can help create physical boundaries between each individual’s work space. It also minimises background distractions, so you don’t have to worry about your children barrelling into the background during an important Zoom meeting.

2. Sony wireless noise-cancelling earphones| from $188

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As much as Singaporeans love cheap things, the fact remains that lower prices may come at the expense of quality. In the case of noise-cancelling earphones, most budget items don’t work all too well – so if you’re trying to tune your WFH neighbour out, it’s wiser to invest in a good quality pair of earphones.

According to reviews, these Sony noise-cancelling earphones are well worth their price. Additionally, its wireless feature makes it extremely convenient, as you can simply pick up your laptop and move whenever you need to.

3. Folding table | $12.75

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Working from home with your partner or siblings can be fun, but there may come a time when you just need to get away from them.

That’s where this folding table comes in. You’ll be able to shift to just about anywhere in your house (yes, even in your kitchen if you so please!), and on top of that, you’ll be able to spare your thighs from the heat of your laptop.

WFH areas: working in common areas like the dining room

Common areas like your dining room and living room are perhaps not the most conducive places, but hey, we do what we have to do, right? To help you out here, we’ve sussed out a couple of things that can boost your productivity levels:

1. Ergonomic laptop stand | $19.78

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Ergonomic laptop stands are flying off the shelves these days, and for good reason. Not only do they promote good posture, it’s also light, portable, and foldable - which means you can easily pack it up and carry it to wherever you need to move to.

2. Leather desk mat | from $9.99

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Wipe your tables all you want, but sometimes, you’ll end up missing some stains or spills. No fault of your own, of course, but it does happen. And if you need to work on this table, you’re going to need a desk mat for your laptop’s protection.

Material-wise, this featured leather desk mat is a great one for its water resistance. Even if you accidentally lay your mat on top of a wayward curry stain, you need only wipe the mat down with a wet cloth to clean it off. Thanks to its non-stick property, it also won’t ever slip off the table with the slightest movement, and can double up as a mousepad as well.

3. Seat cushion | from $9.90

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Dining chairs may be comfy when you’re having your meals, but not if you’re going to sit there for prolonged periods of time. That’s what makes inexpensive seat cushions like these are invaluable to have, as they help alleviate back pains by providing some cushion to your hip and tailbone area.

4. Detachable 3-in-1 armrest | $31.90

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Wrist aches are a common problem for any deskbound job, and sofas and dining chairs aren’t exactly the best in alleviating them. You might want to consider getting a portable armrest - specifically, this detachable armrest.

This 3-in-1 armrest, wrist rest, and mousepad can easily be attached to the edge of your table using the lock provided, so rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any shakiness.

Hey there — just so you know, all products listed in this article are independently curated by us. By clicking and purchasing from Shopee links, you will help to support our research and work by allowing us to earn a share of sales — here's a big thank you in advance! Do note that prices listed are accurate as of 3 June 2021.

Home office items from Shopee

These examples are just 10 out of the gazillion home office items found on Shopee. No matter what your working area is like at home, there will always be something out there that can help make it a little more productive – you need only scroll through the app to find what you need!

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