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Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

December 4, 2016

At A Glance

  • Sham and Jyoti, early-mid 40s, in legal and real estate industry
  • Home to 3 adults and a kid
  • Location: Parbury Avenue (condo)
  • Area size: 204 sqm / 2,200sqft
  • Cost of renovation: $120,000
  • Cost of furnishing and appliances: $60,000
  • Interior design firm: Prozfile
  • Interior designer: Cadine
Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

Qanvast: Tell us more about your home design.

Jyoti (J): We settled for a fusion of the industrial style, and personally I like the English look hence the touch of country style in the kitchen and the overhead beams in the dining area.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

Sham (S): We wanted clean lines, no visible clutter, and to have open spaces to move around as we do invite guests over. Take for example the kitchen; the open concept made it easy for people to gather around the island when we host.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

Qanvast: Why did you decide to engage Prozfile for your renovation?

S: After meeting up with four firms from Qanvast, we narrowed down to two firms and Cadine’s personality won us over. She was a problem-solver and we needed someone who’s a go-getter; to help solve the water leakage issues in our unit. The designer from the other shortlisted firm was good, but she was mellow.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

J: We didn’t have the time nor the expertise to handle this and between the two designers, Cadine seemed like a good fit to what we were looking for. Furthermore, she has the experienced in doing the brick wall feature, as seen from her portfolio.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

Qanvast: How was Cadine like? Did she exceed your expectations?

S: She was really on the ball. When it comes to solving the water leakage issues, she went all out and even spoke to the management of our condo and monitored the situation for us. She went beyond that’s expected for her to solve this issue.

J: The overhead beams in the dining area, only 2 pieces were real. Cadine took it upon herself to make sure the painted beams were identical and she had to repaint many times in order to achieve the look.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

S: She does come out with good and bold design ideas. Take for example, the kitchen island – the design is meant to emulate ventilation bricks, and we can prop our feet when we work/sit by the kitchen island. It also doubles up as a storage ledge for small items like car keys. It’s really convenient for me! (laughs)

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

Qanvast: Was it difficult to look for furnishings?

J: It wasn’t difficult but we had to wait for months for certain items to arrive even we moved in. We were without a bed, and a sofa and our dining chairs weren’t ready.

S: Our suar wood table in the study is from Herman Furniture. It was a lucky purchase for us as the owner was about to discard that piece of wood slab as it has holes. I wanted a slab with holes for the cables to run through instead of having cables running across the table.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

Qanvast: What would your parting advice be for new homeowners.

S: You need to have some ideas on what you want to do, or a rough concept. It will help the designer to understand what you need and/or want as he/she should design around your lifestyle.

Renovation Journey: Rustic Endeavours

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