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Say Hello To Marble’s Upgraded Cousin, Marbled Quartz

July 17, 2017 · Paid Partnership with iQuartz Singapore

Nothing screams ‘luxury’ more than marble. Literally.

Case in point? It’s hefty price tag. Or the fact that natural marble is notoriously high maintenance. Unless you’re ready for a big budget, constant cleaning and maintenance - getting a marble surface could be more trouble than let on.

While alternatives like marble laminates or wallpapers can help achieve the same look for less, nothing that beats the feeling of real marble - until now. Blending the strength of engineered stone with a realistic marbled finish, iQuartz’s quartz is (dare we say it?) better than the real deal. We check out 5 nifty features of this standout material, and why homeowners should head down to the iQuartz Gallery for a look.

1. Harder and Stronger Than Marble

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Interior Designer: 82

Despite being a stone, marble can be surprisingly fragile to handle. Its porous makeup makes it highly susceptible to all sorts of problems including etching, discolouration, and water seepage.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Marble is a soft stone that easily absorbs substances in contact with it, making it highly susceptible to stains.

Image Credit: Marble Institute

But it doesn’t just stop there - marble is also vulnerable to acidic substances such as soap, vinegar and even lemon juice, which can erode away its surface due to a chemical reaction.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Likewise, it's soft properties means that marble also runs the risk of etchings and scratches, just like this surface.

Image Credit: Madelen Christopher

Here’s where iQuartz’s marbled quartz shines. Made from hardy ground quartz and resins, iQuartz’s engineered stone material is resistant to heat, scratches, acids and other abrasions. Plus, it’s non-toxic and non-porous, making it one of the strongest materials out on the market - second only to (guess what?) diamonds. You bet we are impressed.

2. A Breeze To Clean And Maintain

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Real marble tiles as used in this bathroom are gorgeous, but they may also run the risk of water stains if not properly maintained.

Architect: UPSTAIRS

Hate to break it to you, but your gorgeous marble needs a little more TLC to last for years. Especially for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, natural marble requires regular maintenance in the form of re-applying sealant, which helps protect it from absorbing substances which may discolour or damage its surface.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Engineered Marble Quartz in Calacatta Marina, on a kitchen counter.

iQuartz’s marbled quartz retains the same look - without all that fussiness. Because of its dense properties, engineered quartz does not require any sealing, and any cleaning agents can be safely used on its surface. So, no worries about your marble being ruined - even if you did use a strong dishwashing liquid to give it a cleanse!

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Engineered Quartz Surface in London Boy

3. Is Pocket-Friendly

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Natural marble countertops like this bar counter may prove costly to build - and maintain.

Interior Designer:

Marble remains a relatively pricey material to use in any interior. Why? Due to its rarity and high maintenance cost. Depending on the type, a natural marble kitchen countertop can range anywhere from $150 to over $250 per square foot - and that doesn’t include installation costs like sealing or dry laying.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Marbled Quartz Surface in London Boy, on a kitchen countertop. Photo Credit: Wood Works Studios

While engineered quartz surfaces like iQuartz’s marbled quartz may come at the same price range as marble, homeowners definitely get to save in the long term due to its hardy, low-maintenance properties. No need for regular polishings or sealing - which could cost you hundreds each time.

4. Can Be Used For All Sorts Of Interior Features

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Marbled Quartz in Calacatta Marina, on a table top.

Yes, having everything in marble will give your home the standout it needs, but is it practical? As mentioned, marble is a highly sensitive and delicate material - which is why it isn’t recommended for heavy-duty use - like kitchen countertops or flooring.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Marbled Engineering Quartz in Calacatta Marina, on a bar countertop.

Unlike real marble, iQuartz’s long-lasting marbled engineered quartz can be used for all types of interior features. From floors, walls to countertops, its hardy nature makes it perfect for any style, and for frequent use.

5. Can Be Customised For All Types Of Sizes

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Like this home’s floors, cabinets and countertops, engineered marbled surfaces can be used for all sorts of applications.

Interior Designer: IN EXPAT

The fact that natural marble slabs are uniquely formed and patterned is its biggest advantage - and greatest setback. On one hand, each one-of-a kind piece makes for a highly personalised look. But on the other, if you’re planning on a continuous finish, finding and matching the right slabs can prove costly and time consuming.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Marbled Engineered Quartz in Bianco Ariston can be customised into all types of sizes for a seamless finish.

No headaches over mixing and matching different marble pieces; iQuartz can produce a consistent pattern for each engineered quartz slab in different sizes.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

Besides laminates - as used in this home - iQuartz’s engineered marbled quartz also come in large, customisable slabs, that can be used for a continuous finish.

Interior Designer: Corazon Interior

In fact, iQuartz is the only manufacturer in Singapore that offers marble quartz pieces big enough for wall panellings, which also help to minimise joint lines for a continuous finish.

iQuartz Marbled Engineered Quartz: More Marble Than Marble

The only supplier in Singapore that provides large scale marble quartz slabs for interiors, iQuartz’s engineered quartz surfaces can be used for all types of interior applications, including walls, floors, and various interior fittings.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Engineered Quartz Surface in Bondi White

Deck your home in a luxurious finish that’s durable to boot. Whether it’s a classic Carrara motif or an luxe Calacatta patina, homeowners can get to choose from 14 highly realistic marble finishes to complete their home.

iQuartz Marble Quartz

iQuartz Engineered Quartz Surface in Calacatta Marina

Head down to iQuartz’s gallery, the first dedicated marble quartz slab showroom in Singapore, to view and feel this innovative material at work! Besides getting inspiration for dressing your home in luxurious marble finishes, homeowners can also customise each quartz slab in terms of its veining, transition down to its precise size for a personalised look.

iQuartz Showroom:

Balestier Concept Store, 562A Balestier Road, Singapore 329878

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