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The Best Home Décor Gifts For Everyone (Under $50)

It’s that time of the year again guys.

Tis’ the season for gathering, overeating and most importantly – gifts! Sure, we’re all probably looking forward to receiving something amazing, but there’s that too - shopping for everyone on your list.

Racking your head to find the perfect gift for your hard-to-please mother-in-law, or going on full blown, ‘PANIC’ mode just thinking of all the Christmas shopping you’ve yet to do? Don’t fret – practical, innovative and gorgeous to boot, get started with our list of top X’mas picks for every type of individual. Best part? You won’t have to burn a pocket or max your credit cards for it. All under S$50, thank you very much.

1. For the Housewife/Hubby

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Home is certainly where the heart is – so get your home-proud sister, girlfriend or bro these nifty goods to help them keep their hearth organized and squeaky clean (with less effort).

####1. Black & Decker HHVI315JO42 Dustbuster Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum, US$29.99 on Amazon

Suck up particles and dander from even the most hard-to-reach places with a portable, hand-held vacuum cleaner featuring a slim snout.

2. Stainless Steel Soap, US$5.10 on Amazon

Who needs extra hand soaps about the house when one stainless steel soap can get rid of odours - without ever running out?

3. WISP One-Handed Broom Sweeping Set, US$29.95 on The Grommet.

Why wasn't this invented eariler? This innovative broom enables users to use their feet to steady the dustpan, effectively freeing one hand for other stuff.

4. Bedside Essentials Pocket, from $26.90 on Uncommon Goods

Perfect for lazy bums or messy individuals, this bedside caddy will prove to be a fast and easy companion for stowing away stuff - just before sleep kicks in.

5. Super Sonic Scrubber with 5 Brush Heads, US$24.92 on Amazon

Make spring cleaning time an effortless breeze, Super Sonic Scrubber's powerful brushing speed tackles small, problem areas like dirty grout lines and edges, making them sparkly clean again.

2. For the Home Scenting Junkie

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You know, that extremely particular aunt or colleague who’s ultra-sensitive to unwanted smells and who can rattle the top, heart and base notes of a perfume sample off the bat? Indulge in his/her olfactory obsession with these home scenting gifts that’ll keep his/her home thoroughly aromatic.

1. Hush Candle Lavender Soy Candle, $18 on Naiise

Perfect for relaxing and lulling one to dreamland, this scented candle is infused with two types of lavender extracts for an extra soothing punch.

2. P.F. CANDLE CO. Incense In Amber & Moss, US$6 on Poketo

With hints of lavender, sage and orange balanced with equal tones of heavy amber and musk, this incense evokes a fresh, crisp smell reminiscent of forests.

3. Hands Incense Holder Set, US$20 on Spring

It takes two hands to clap, and two hands to hold two different types of fragrant incense - one for cone incense, another for sticks.

4. Shower Breeze Fragrance Fabric Spray, $11.25 on Naiise

Get everything smelling nice, down to the sofa fabrics and bedsheets with this spray that deodorises and sterilises. With hints of lily and soap foam - turn even the most stinking of fabrics into fresh laundry in a couple of spritzes.

5. Home Perfume Diffuser Set, $34 on L'Occitane

This gorgeous tabletop addition can provide your smell-obsessed loved one up to 5 weeks of continuous scent at home.

3. For the Masterchef

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From binge-watching recipe videos, whipping up a feast for family and friends to forcing them through countless cooking experiments, the Masterchef on your list will be over the moon if you get him/her any of these cool toys.

1. Joseph Joseph Cut Carve Plus L in Black, $49 on Tangs

Truly an all-in-one chopping board, this multi-talented looker can be used on two sides. One with an integrated meat grip and raised corners to help collect stray juices or waste; the other a smooth, non-slip surface for general cutting.

2. OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup, US$7.99 on Amazon

We never knew we needed it - but now we do. Perfect for bakers, know exactly how much volume of liquids there is anytime and at any pouring angle with this ingenious measuring cup.

3. FarmSteady Fresh Cheese Making Kit, US$25 on Poketo

Cooking's one thing, but making your ingredients from scratch? Any avid cook would dream - why not start with this easy and educational cheese making kit?

4. Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, US$31.99 on Amazon

Somedays, you just don't feel like picking up a pot or pan at all. For those days, this all-in-one breakfast maker has got you covered. From baking muffins to cooking sunny side ups, all you need to do is fill in the ingredients and go.

5. Floating Utensil Holder, $20.20 on Uncommon Goods

When kitchen countertops, drawers and cabinets are filled to the brim with cooking tools and knick knacks - it's time to declutter, or look up! Sleek and compact, this utensil holder can be attached below cabinets or on your walls, gripping your essentials for easy reach.

4. For the Stylo Mylo Influencer

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Because #aesthetic #instaworthy. Well, it never hurts to look the fine (and pretty) things in life – so make your wannabe influencer sibling (or best friend’s) day by getting him/her any of these gorgeous and practical home décor knick knacks.

1. Air Pendant Plant Holder, $39.60 on Naiise

Air plants + gold finish = Insta-worthy. Best part? Its reflective surface helps to bounce off light about the house, giving any home a glittery feel.

2. Green Rectangular Marble Board, $49 on Comme Home

White and black marble? Too mainstream - this luxe marble board in an emerald patina gives a cooler spin on the usual flat lay backdrop.

3. Craft Paper Bag, $18 on Stylo Deco

Featuring black-and-white portraits in the front and a cool quote on the flipside, this craft paper bag adds a bohemian, rustic spin to any space.

4. Malayan Flour Mills Pillow Case, $42.70 on Naiise

Wait... hold up. Is that a real flour sack or a cushion? Obviously the latter, but it's always fun to keep visitors guessing.

5. Gold Pineapple Tumbler, $47.10 on Uncommon Goods

More than just a golden objet d'art to spruce up any Instagram shot, this pineapple also doubles as an emergency drink tumbler for cocktails and juices.

6. Pom Pom Tuft Cushion, AUD$29 on Arro Home

Versatile and cute, this bright, paddle-pop cushion brings a lighthearted touch to any space.

5. For the Social Butterfly

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For some, a home is a private space to recharge and unwind. For others, it’s a place for gathering loved ones, basking in company and simply having fun. Know someone who’s just like the latter? These gifts will help them make entertaining guests a breeze.

1. Fox Run 3832 Marble Cheese Slicer in Black, US$20.25 on Amazon

Cheese tasting sessions are instantly elevated with this elegant marble cheese slicer, which comes fitted with non-slip grips and a durable stainless steel cutter for portioning out bites.

2. Magisso Cake Server, $20.90 on Lazada

What's a good dinner party without some cake to finish things off? No more messes and troubles with getting the right portion of slices with this ingenious server - push down to cut, squeeze the sides to grip and transport it firmly onto plates.

3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, from $37.60 on Uncommon Goods

Shoot it up in style with these pretty rose-quartz like festive glasses. Made from pink Himalayan salt, they impart a slightly salty taste (no need to encrust salt on the rims!) and are naturally antibacterial, making it a breeze to maintain as well.

4. Singapore Architecture - Chinatown Porcelain Plate (15 cm), $30 on Supermama

Perfect for serving canapes and appetisers, this intricately designed plate also serves up some cool conversation topics when guests peer at its surface - featuring some of Singapore's top architectural landmarks.

5. Bertie Bottle Stopper, US$16 on Anthropologie

Let the wine flow - but don't force down a bottle cause there's no way else to keep it! This bottle stopper with a mother-of-pearl topper will get the job done - and do so with flair.

6. For the Gym Nut

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The grind doesn’t end at the gym or swimming pool – for the #fitspo individual on your list, it begins at home! Hey, whilst you’re out helping them to improve their wellness with these healthy picks – get started on yours too. First stop? Creating a mini-gym (anywhere at home).

1. Nayoya Abdominal Mat, US$19.97 on Amazon

With a base that mimics the curve of the spine, this abdominal mat is built to concentrate core muscle movements whilst providing firm back support and stability.

2. Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration Tracking Water Bottle, $28 on Tangs

Working out = sweating buckets. Which also means having to hydrate the body back to tip-top condition. With dots that'll light up each time the bottle is emptied and refilled (up to 4 times), tracking one's water consumption just got a wee bit easier.

3. Resistance Band Set, US$24.97 on Amazon

Here's what Christmas looks like for a fitness junkie - a comprehensive set of equipment to work every inch of the body. From resistance straps, cushioned handles to ankle straps, the set comes complete with a guide-book, so that beginners can pick things up as well.

4. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite, US$29.99 on Amazon

What's better than doing pushups on the floor? Doing it on dedicated pushup handles that help to engage more muscles and distribute weight evenly to reduce strain on the wrists and elbows - so one can do more.

7. For the Pet Owner

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Look, it’s only fair to compensate for all the times you hogged the leash, smothered or cooed over your friend’s furry pals with something that will ease their life as a pet parent. Or simply, a gift that will remind them (and you) just how adorable their critters are.

1. Custom Pet Photo Pillow, $48.18 on Etsy

Immortalise your pal's favourite furry friend with a customised printed cushion. At least he/she will be able to hug this cute thing all day long.

2. Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove, $33.60 on Uncommon Goods

Ask around, and most pet owners will tell you how difficult it is to get a dog or cat under control for a bath, whilst manoeuvring a water hose. Ease their cleaning time with this glove that channels water to the wearer's hand for an all-in-one washing and scrubbing process.

3. Silicon Suction Pet Bowl, $33.60 on Uncommon Goods

When it comes to meal time, pets can get really overexcited and tip their bowls over in a rush to snack. All that only means more housework for its poor parent! Avoid the hassle altogether by giving this anti-slip/tip pet bowl and mat.

4. Laptop Cat Scratching Pad, $47.10 on Uncommon Goods

Other than being downright adorable (look, a cat surfing the net on a computer!) this laptop-shaped contraption has a ridged keyboard for felines to scratch the day away with.

8. For the Stressed Out Parent

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You know, parenting is hard work. Whether it’s getting something for the fatigued souls of first-time parents (aka your friends), or giving back to your own parents for dealing with their big baby (you), hopefully these picks will help ease the load a little – and allow them to relax.

1. Playtime Anytime Solar System Rattles, $49.30 on The Land of Nod

A frazzled parent's got to have his/her alone time too. Even if that means having to distract the young'un with a hanging rattler that - by the way - doubles as an educational tool on the subject of solar systems.

2. Ergonomic Contour Pillow, $39.90 on IUIGA

When it comes to sleep-deprived parents, falling into dreamland needs to happen, stat. This ergonomic pillow follows the contours of the head, providing a comfy head rest for an uninterrupted snooze.

3. Levoit Humidifiers Cool Mist Air Ultrasonic Bedroom Humidifier and Vaporiser, US$24.99 on Amazon

Great for babies and parents alike, this 3-in-1 humidifier, aroma-diffuser and nightlight, improves air quality and creates the perfect, calming atmosphere for falling (and staying) asleep.

4. Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Shusher, $35.97 on Amazon

Disguised as an adorable owl plushie, this night light-cum-sound machine comes packed with 10 songs and multiple light modes made to soothe your antsy baby.

9. For the Tech Geek

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He/she is the tech helpdesk; the gamer you’ve always (secretly) admired for insane hand-eye coordination; the cool one whose home is a futuristic pad decked with the latest smart devices. So, you know they’ll surely appreciate these nifty, hi-tech pieces – fingers crossed they haven’t bought it themselves!

1. Switchmate Snap-On Instant Smart Light Switch, US$27.99 on Amazon

Saving energy has never looked cooler with this voice-enabled switch add on. The switch even comes with nifty features such as timer settings, sunrise/sunset auto switch modes and connectivity with smart home hubs like Google Home.

2. Chipolo Plus Item Finder, $36.30 on The Container Store

If your tech-savvy friend is also a rather forgetful one, he/she will definitely thank you for this pocket-friendly tracker chip, which can be attached to valuables such as tablets, keys or wallets. Along with Chipolo's smartphone app, users can track and locate their items anywhere in a 200' range.

3. Shortcut Labs' Flic Bluetooth Smart Button, US$27.96 on The Grommet

Now, that's what we call literally getting things done with a single push of the button. Users can program the Flic Smart Button via its smartphone app using Bluetooth, and get it to perform all sorts of customised actions - whether it's calling an Uber, drawing the blinds or playing your favourite music via Spotify.

4. Chop Sabres Light Up Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, US$17.17 on Amazon

Okay, there isn't any thing tech-y about this, but who doesn't love a good Star Wars reference every time they dig in for dinner? One more reason to engage in a lightsabre fight.

10. For the Green Finger

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Bitten by the gardening bug? Maybe not – but you do know someone who takes the term ‘green fingers’ to a whole new level. Make your contribution to their ever-flourishing indoor (or outdoor) garden with these cool, useful kits.

1. Self Watering Herb Jar (Mint), $43.60 on The Container Store

Perfect if your green fingered pal isn't the most proactive one, per se. Self watering, this herb jar also comes with ready seeds for planting. So, all he/she needs to do is sow them and watch it grow.

2. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree Kit, $9.42 on Etsy

With Singapore's tropical weather, getting into the Christmas-y mood probably means getting a plastic fir tree and some baubles. Not anymore with this handy kit, which allows one to grow their personal-sized Christmas tree anywhere at home.

3. Magnetic Planter by Moss + Twig, US$15 on Spring

Greenery doesn't always have to remain in gardens or balconies. With magnetic sides, this portable planter can be placed anywhere in the house for a lush, 'Jungalow' vibe.

####4. Gardener's Tool Seat, $45.80 on Uncommon Goods

Hey, digging, patching up and pruning those greens is hard work. When the gardening gets tough, this foldable seat which comes with pockets for all your equipment is the perfect, functional spot for taking a break.

####5. Brass Plant Mister, US$26 on Poketo

Elevate gardening into an art form with this dainty brass mister! Not just a gorgeous addition to your insta-worthy indoor garden, it also helps to keep your precious plants well hydrated - the classy way.

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