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These 7 Smart Gadgets Can Clean Your Home Better Than You

July 14, 2017

Who doesn’t love a clean, sparkly space to come home to? Not only is it a total mood lifter from the grime and humdrum outside, it also brings a sense of pride. That’s right, you’ve got your stuff together and under control. Juggling working life with housework? No sweat.

But the truth is, it does sweat. It’s frustrating and tiring to clean an entire house. And honestly - you haven’t got the time. Which is why we have scoured the Internet for the best home cleaning gadgets that’ll do all (if not most) of the cleaning for you. Even your germaphobe mother-in-law would be impressed.

1. A UV Sanitising Wand That Will Burn Off Germs

Interior Designer: Charlotte's Carpentry

No harsh chemicals or tricky handling here. Great for allergy sufferers or people who are highly sensitive to dirt particles, UV sanitising wands kill off microscopic germs in a matter of seconds using UV light. Instead, UV wands can also be used to wipe out odour-causing bacteria such as mould on all sorts of surfaces - be it your remote control, kitchen countertop or bathroom sink.

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Verilux’s CleanWave UV Sanitising Wand

Verilux claims it is laboratory tested to kill off 99.9% of all bacteria it comes into contact with. Likewise, it comes in a carry-on friendly design and can be used for all types of germaphobe situations.

Price: US $ 59.95 on Amazon

Portable UV Steriliser Wand

Easy to tote around with programmable timer modes, this Portable UV Steriliser Wand from Lazada is an affordable and convenient option that can be used on the go as well.

Price: $49.90 on Lazada

2. Wipe Your Dusty Panes With A Magnetic Window Cleaner

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

No more days of newspapers, Windex and arm muscle aches. These electronic window cleaners are giving actual human counterparts a run for their money! By wedging 2 strong magnetic pads/strips on both sides of a window (indoors and outdoors), you can then move the handheld window cleaner about - much like how you normally clean your windows, but twice as effective. Perfect for HDB flats and condos where it can get pretty dangerous reaching out to clean those panes.

Check Out:


Maier Magnetic Innovative Window Cleaner

For glass thicknesses of 3 - 7mm (check your windows!), the Maier Magnetic Innovative Window Cleaner comes with a whole set of cleaning squeegees and rubber rollers for thorough cleansing.

Price: $24.90 on Lazada


LvDD Double Sided Window Cleaner

With options for thicker glass (up to 24mm), the LvDD Double Sided Window Cleaner boasts strong absorption and adhesive force for more powerful cleaning - strong enough to break a nail if wedged in between - some reviews have observed.

Price: US $18.99 on Amazon

3. This Smart Robot Will Mop Your Floors For You

Interior Designer: The Scientist

Now, dusting off your floors can be made good with a robot vacuum, but a mop still wins in cleaning away tough grime and stains that cannot be sucked up. Best for hard floors made of wood, tiles or stone (basically not carpets), a robot mop works the same way as a robot vacuum in terms of its automation capabilities, but with jet water sprays that loosen dirt and cleaning pads that soak them up, leaving a fresh, clean scent. Get mopping checked off your to-do list, without any physical effort on your part!

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Check Out


iRobot Braava Jet Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

An amazing complement to its robot vacuum counterpart, iRobot’s Braava Jet comes equipped with its own cleaning agent and specialised vibrating cleaning pads and heads that effectively scrubs away grime on all types of hardwood floors.

Price: $329 on Lazada

4. Get Cleaning Done And Entertain Your Pets With A Smart Sweeping Ball

Interior Designer: Flipside Design

For light cleaning, sweeping floors can take too much time - especially if it has to be done on a daily basis. Which is why this cute furry ball has captured our hearts - and probably your cats (or dogs) too. Made of microfiber material that easily captures all types of particles, the Smart Sweeping Ball rolls about your home to absorb dust on your floors, and comes with built-in sensors to help it detect and avoid obstructions. A bonus? It also works as a nifty pet toy your feline or canine friend could chase about the house for.

Check Out:


Mocoro Mini Sweeping Robot Cleaner

The Mocoro Mini Sweeping Robot Cleaner comes in all sorts of cheery colours and three cleaning modes: Sweeping, Mopping and Suction. Best part, it’s battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it every few hours.

Price: $17 on Lazada

5. A Smart Vacuum That Cleans Better Than A Human

Interior Designer: Icon Interior

Admit it - it’s physically impossible to manually clean every corner, every inch of your home with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Rather than obsessing (and spending inordinate amounts of time crawling and stretching to reach them - let the robots do it for you.

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Petite in size, but huge in volume and efficiency, intelligent robot vacuums can navigate around rooms, plot out a cleaning route, avoid obstacles and even reach those hard-to-reach corners which are the bane to your existence. Basically - doing your job better than you. Of course, all you’ve got to do, is kick back, and control it all from your phone.

Check Out:


iRobot Roomba 980

One of the most highly rated robot vacuums on the market, the iRobot Roomba 980 is rightfully so, due to its endless list of nifty features. Boost mode for cleaning carpets? Check. Connecting app platform for remote control on your smartphone? Check. It even automatically goes back to its charging dock once it senses it’s on low battery.

Price: $1199 on Lazada

6. Settle Those Tough Stains Once And For All With A Sonic Scrubber

Interior Designer: Icon Interior Design

There’s something nasty about a blackened grout area that screams ‘dirty!’ in a home. Be it mold or dirt, cleaning grout stains by hand can be an absolute nightmare. Shaped like an electric toothbrush, a sonic scrubber works just like it, rapidly oscillating to scrape out dirt from tough areas - including grease stains on gas stoves, and rust.

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Super Sonic Household Scrubber

The Super Sonic Scrubber is the ultimate powered cleaning tool, boasting an oscillation of 8000 rounds per minute. Great for grout stains, cleaning smooth surfaces or polishing metal, it also comes with 5 different brush heads for a variety of cleaning purposes.

Price: $22.57 on Amazon

7. Breathe In Fresh Air With An Air Purifier

Interior Designer: Corazon Interior

We’ve talked about cleaning all sorts of surfaces about the home, but there’s one thing that homeowners often overlook. Cleaning the air! Don’t scoff it as something ridiculous - in fact the air trapped in your home does transport a fair share of harmful gases or particles.

Interior Designer: Asolidplan

Be it bacteria or noxious gases from the outside. An air-purifier has proven to be a worthy investment, as it filters and removes any contaminants from the atmosphere, including funky smells. Well, you can’t use your hands to clean the air, anyway.

Check Out:


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Gen 2

Connected to the Xiaomi Home Automation System, the Mi Air Purifier Gen 2 can be controlled via smartphone app, and comes with a whole host of cool features, including an air-quality monitor and 3 modes - night, auto and high speed. It also uses HEPA filters that removes up to 99.7% of particles in 10 minutes, all in a sleek, minimalist frame.

Price: $195.90 on Lazada

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