This Furniture Store Lets You Live The Luxe Life, Affordably

May 30, 2018

When Saurabh Mangla first started running Ipse Ipsa Ipsum from a studio at the National Design Centre in 2016, he quickly found out that the space wasn’t going to be sufficient for its retail needs.

“We were in a compact studio, about 400 square feet, and when people came in to browse our collection, they had to view it on a projector. And they said, ‘Hey, we aren’t going to buy furniture if it’s shown on a screen, we want to see what you do (in real life).’,” said the brand’s Creative Head – who is also known as Sam from his furniture brand, Sam and Sara.

furniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsumfurniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

Fast forward to today, and Ipse Ipsa Ipsum (which is Latin for ‘himself, herself, itself’) now occupies a prized spot in local furniture shopping hot spot Tan Boon Liat Building.

Enter the 4,200 square foot store, and you will find an understated, black-and-grey retail space that (rightfully) puts the focus on a wide selection of glitzy pieces, from bespoke leather sofas to handcrafted bone inlaid sideboards.

furniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsumfurniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

No stranger to the design world, Saurabh himself handcrafted this brass ornament from a dried leaf that he picked up at Fort Canning Park during one of his morning walks.

But despite the upgrade, the brand’s founding philosophy of “Live the Ordinary Extraordinarily” remains steadfastly unchanged.

“The world is growing, and everyone is getting tired about buying mass-produced products, about owning the same thing. Ipse Ipsa Ipsum is for the people who want a point of difference in their homes,” says Saurabh.

“And what we offer to them are a play on nostalgia, an element of surprise, and also the option to customise; these are the three things from which the brand was conceived and continues to be grounded in today.”

A champion of traditional culture and affordable design

True to its values, Ipse Ipsa Ipsum’s offerings are indeed a rich blend of luxury, history, and professional design – all at a reasonable price.

furniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

Lavish materials like brass, marble, bone, leather as well as semiprecious stones feature strongly as customisable elements in Ipse Ipsa Ipsum’s pieces and can be handpicked from the Materials Library: a majestic, handcrafted bar counter at the heart of the store, which hides away finishing samples in its concealed shelves and drawers.

Says Saurabh: “We work with multiple materials that are at the higher end of the market. For instance, you can get a petrified wood dining table here at $6,500, admittedly pricey, but you’d be paying double or more than that elsewhere because of the material’s rarity… essentially, we are giving you a six-star experience for a three-star price, that’s our intention.”

furniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

Affordability aside, the store’s designs are also very much heritage-inspired.

The Nathan Yong Collection, Ipse ipsa Ipsum’s very first co-authored furniture line, features curving silhouettes that its namesake designer incorporated after being inspired by the alcoves of the Humayun’s Tomb, which he visited while touring Delhi.

furniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

Likewise, the Peranakan Moderne collection – launched earlier in March this year – pays homage to Singapore’s rich Straits culture through an array of furniture and home accessories featuring an elegant material palette of bone inlay, antique brass, and rose gold.

Working in conjunction with local designers, Jeremy Sun and Nicholas Paul, Saurabh found inspiration for all 10 of the collection’s pieces from artefacts on display at the Peranakan Museum such as floral print tiles and the traditional kebaya blouse-dress.

furniture store Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

"Every collection has thought behind it, a philosophy, a story. So when people buy a piece from us, they bring a bit of that passion back it into their own homes and we hope that they can relate to that time and place it was inspired by," says Saurabh.

And that is what Ipse Ipsa Ipsum is all about: redefining today's living spaces with accessible, luxurious, and mindfully-designed furniture.

Affordable luxury awaits you at Ipse Ipsa Ipsum.

Still hunting for that elusive living room centrepiece to complement your home's luxe decor? Why not pay a visit to Ipse Ipsa Ipsum’s showroom where you can find a broad selection of handmade designer furniture and home accessories at attainable prices.

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