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Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

December 15, 2016

This year has been all about Scandinavian and Industrial influences, and we saw a shift towards clean, minimal or mid-century style pieces when it comes to furniture. More homeowners also placed focus on kitchen design, with many opting for a conjoined dining and cooking space.

As this year draws to an end, it’s time to discuss what are some up-and-coming home interior trends that will define 2017. Will we still see continued popularity for Scandinavian aesthetics, or will there be new themes to excite and inspire us?

Our Predictions

What’s in?

Here’s a surprising living room trend to take in: Living rooms with no sofas or televisions, that create the perception of a bigger space. However, sitting on the cold, hard floor isn't much of an enjoyable experience, so in place, we'll see more homes opting for smaller, movable seating options like ottomans or bean bags.

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017
Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: Zara @ Isoteam

Following a preference for open-concept spaces, kitchen walls are being hacked for airy, spacious dining areas. This is great for homeowners who tend to cook less and may overlook the problem of wafting smells. But for bigger families who cook on a regular basis, having a closed kitchen may still be a better idea.

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: Green and Lush

Another trend we have been seen this year, and will perhaps continue onto 2017 as well are standalone counters adjoining the main kitchen area. Whether dining tables, or bar countertops, they are convenient for for breakfasts on lazy Sunday mornings, or late night drinks with your buddies.

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Architect: EHKA Studio

What’s out? The tired gallery walls of yesteryears. Unless done tastefully to a T, they may come across as tacky and rightly cliché. Chalkboards are another feature that’s been overdone and are phasing out.

Instead of yet another gallery wall or chalkboard, why not try hanging some tapestry, a statement mirror, or even greenery for a fresh approach to your blank wall?

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: Versaform

A full-blown industrial style is dying in popularity, as homeowners want a cosier, warmer atmosphere to retreat to. Instead, small accents are incorporated to the for a subtler raw touch.

What The Interior Designers Say…

Wayne, Lux Design: “With a myriad of home interior ideas, homeowners are exposed to endless possibilities for their home. Picking a little of what they like from various styles and combining them in a unified design concept, homeowners will go for an eclectic style, a mishmash of sorts that work harmoniously.”

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017
Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017
Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: Make Room

Teck Soon, AD. I. WRKS: “While many still opt for the ever popular Scandi-Industrial style, homeowners are incorporating a slight industrial touch instead of a totally raw, unfinished look. They have also started drifting towards a more urban city, Manhattan vibe."

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017
Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017
Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: The Scientist

"For resale homes, we also see that more bathrooms are being renovated. On top of wanting to update their designs, it could also be perhaps due to their short lifespan."

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts

"Kitchens are likewise getting more attention. Comprised of mostly carpentry work, it is a highly customisable space that homeowners usually love designing. And with the popularity of food preparation and cooking videos online, homeowners will want to have a beautiful space for them to cook.”

Upcoming Home Interior Trends in 2017

Interior Designer: Space Define Interior

Finding Your Style

Trends come and go, but don't be swept up in the hype. Remember that finding an decor style that suits your personality and lifestyle is paramount in designing a home that you’ll truly love for years to come!

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